What's the food like on Brittany Ferries?

11th May 2017

Eating is a great way to pass the time as you glide across the channel between England and France, and depending on your sailing times you have some good options with Brittany Ferries on where and what to eat

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Brittany Ferries Dinning Options

Each Brittany Ferry has multiple dinning options to suit your families needs and tastes. This includes a full service restaurant, self service restaurant, pizzeria-cafe and shops selling various snacks such as crisps and chocolate. It also has a large bar area to grab a drink but remember you may be driving at the other end of the journey. How do we know this? Because in the six years since becoming parents we have traveled by ferry over twelve times and tried every one of the places mentioned.Find out more about why we like Brittany Ferries so much.

Breakfast on Brittany Ferries

  • Commodore Cabins - If you opt for a Commodore Cabin this includes breakfast in your room. This consists of bread, croissants and pain-au-chocolates with coffee and juice to drink. This is a tasty start to the day and a favourite option of ours. It also gives you plenty of time to relax and unwind in private after an early start.
  • Full Service Restaurant - The full service restaurant offers a well stocked continental buffet and cooked to order options like a full English. The restaurant is very nice but can get busy so if you fancy this you may want to head up as soon as you are on board.
  • The Self Service Restaurant - The self service restaurant offers a good range of options. Starting with a simple pastry and going up to a full English.
  • The Cafe - The cafe serves pastries and hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

Lunch and Dinner on Brittany Ferries

  • Full Service Restaurant - The full service restaurant provides a buffet of Hors d’œuvres with a large amount of sea food, a buffet of deserts and if you can fit it in a choice of main courses. The mains range in size and price from simple fish dishes to roast fillet of beef with a liquorice sauce.
  • The Self Service Restaurant - The self service restaurant offers around five hot dishes and many starters and desserts. It also offer meal deal options to get all three for less than buying them individually but only on certain items (a bit like Tesco). An example main in the self-service resturant is beef bourguignon with a choice of potatoes and veg to go on the side.
  • The Cafe - The cafe serves a range of pizzas, pasta, salads and sandwiches. You are also able to get something sweet for dessert.

Drinks on Brittany Ferries

All the restaurants are well stocked with a choice of wine, beer and softdrinks. In the cafe and self-service restaurants you are able to buy miniture bottles of wine and in the full service restaurant you can order a whole bottle of wine.

Brittany Ferries food for the kids

  • The Self Service Restaurant - The self service restaurant offers kids meals compirsing of a main and drink. The meal also includes an activity bag with two gifts, some sweets and apple compote. This is a nice pack and usually provides an hours worth of entertainment for the kids.
  • Full Service Restaurant - At the full service restaurant kids under twelve can choose from the normal menu for a smaller portion at a smaller price of around £5.50. They are also given an activity bag. Howecver, this is when you leave so don't count on it to keep them busy during dinner.
  • The Cafe - The cafe has a kids menu for the under twelves but it is a bit basic with a choice of half a croque monsieur or half a pizza, with a drink and a yogurt. The kids also get an activity bag just like the other two venues.

Can you take your own food onboard

As long as you can carry it from your car to the main decks you can take your own food and this is a great option to save some money. You will be able to eat it at some of the tables at the self service areas or tables by the entertainment stage. With the exception of bottle warming there are no faciilities to cook or heat your own food so we would recommend pre-cooked or picnic food.

Where to eat on Brittany Ferries: Overall

Overall Brittany Ferries has dinning options to suit any taste and budget. We feel the prices are a little high for what you get and they are taking advantage of the captive audience a little. Nevertheless, the service is always prompt and polite and it is a great way to pass the time on the ferry.

Where to eat on Brittany Ferries: Further information

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