Amazon look to "Just Add Magic" to their prime video offering for kids

15th May 2017

To help keep the kids entertained while on the move or during rainy days at home when chores just have to be done they each have a kindle fire kids edition with the kids unlimited pack. Basically, this allows them access to age appropriate games, apps and videos from Amazon. The choice of videos is huge and recently Poppet and Champ gave the amazon original series Just Add Magic a look and this is our review of the show.

What's Just Add Magic all about?

The show is about three friends who discover a magic and ever changing cookbook. Each episodes revolves around one of the three girls facing a problem or two and then trying different magical recipes to find a solution. However, the intiial magical solution usally makes things worse. They will then learn a life lesson as they figure out together the correct recipe (spell) to get out of trouble. The three girls typically manage this in a 45 minute episode but some story lines do stretches over two episodes. Plus, for each series their is a long running story arc driving the girls forward. In the first series of Just Add Magic the main story arc centres around one of the girls Grandmother who has been cursed and needs to be saved. In the second series the main story arc revolves around an evil boy from the past who escaped the book thanks to the girls and how they saved the Grandmother in the first series.

Who is Just Add Magic for?

The show is aimed at children between six and twelve (also known as tweens).


The parent view on Just Add Magic
Overall Just Add Magic is your typical American tween drama with nothing too scary or risky for the kids to see. The plot is simple enough for them to follow but without becoming boring. Amazon have done a good job keeping the entertainment value up throughout the two series and holding tension in each episode as the girls try to solve whatever problem they've got themselves into. In our view most children over six will enjoy this show and without wanting to stereotype it feels more suited to girls then boys.
The kids view on Just Add Magic
Champ wasn't really interest in this show but Poppet really took to it and has now watched each series of Just Add Magic available on prime and is keen for more. She followed the plot easily and strongly identified with the three main characters, Kelly, Darbie and Hannah, but also picked up on the tensions that sometimes arose between them and the interactions they had with others. Overall for Poppet this show is a hit.

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