Cadbury World Review and visiting tips

Delicious Cadbury chocolate, classic Cadbury TV Adverts and the Cadbury Factory Tour were just some of the highlights on our visit.

A cup of pure molten chocolate from the nations favourite chocolate maker was just one of the delights we enjoyed during our visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham. With a place in our family history, and Cadbury chocolate being a family favourite, a visit to Cadbury World had been on our to-do list for a while. So during an inset day in May we finally got to tick it off and savour many chocolate delights in the process.

What is Cadbury World?

When you first think of Cadbury World you could be forgiven for expecting to see Gene Wilder at the gates to Willie Wonker’s Chocolate Factory about to take you on a wild ride of fantasy. In summary Cadbury World is a journey through the history of chocolate and the Cadbury family as they made it the British nation’s favourite and transformed Birmingham into the Choclate producing capital of the UK.

Following this you can go on a tour of the factory but sadly there is not too much to see and a lot of the machines shown are labelling and wrapping machines. The highlight of the tour is getting to see a demonstration of handmade chocolate sculpting (chocolate tempering) and getting to indulge in a cup of molten Cadbury chocolate with a choice of filling, should you want it, such as fudge or crunchy honeycomb.

Along the way you also get a chance to walk through Cadbury street and be reminded of some of the classic Cadbury’s chocolate adverts over the years with our favourite being the drumming Gorilla.

Outside the main factory you can enjoy a 4D movie being immersed in a chocolate adventure and this attraction is suitable for all ages.

Is Cadbury World child friendly?

Yes. All the attractions are suitable for little kids and also included in the site are two playgrounds with one for 2-5 year olds and one for older kids.

A day out at Cadbury World: Food

The restaurant at Cadbury World is a pretty typical self-service restaurant with reasonable food on offer and some with a choclately twist. It has the usual choices for children including a sandwich meal deal. We had tasty chocolate chilli-con-carne on a baked potato and this was followed with a lovely hot choclate. The kids went for sausage, beans and chips. Cadbury World also offer a an indulgent chocolate cream tea and they did look good but were not available for families sadly.

The restaurant is clean and bright with plenty of seating and has a few TVs dotted around the walls showing Cadbury television adverts from years gone by. There is also a big purple and white cow to keep the kids entertained while we enjoyed our hot chocolates but a play area would be a useful addition to this section especially if it allowed the grown ups the chance to enjoy the chocolate cream tea.

There is also a picnic area outside by the playground and a couple of fast food outlets. The outlets were not open during our visit and the picnic area was monopolised by visiting school parties so neither was an options for us. This would hopefully not be a problem during the school holidays but be aware if visiting during term time.

The Cadbury World Factory Shop

Cadbury World includes a large shop with many Cadbury branded products ranging from toys to collectables. Naturally, the main attraction is the wonderful amount of chocolate on offer and all at a great price (especially if you buy in bulk).

A day out at Cadbury World: The building

The old factory is an interesting building and worth taking some time to admire and photo should you get the chance and the weather is nice.

A day out at Cadbury World: Become a chocolatier

Recently Cadbury World opened a new attraction where people can get hands on with chocolate and learn to mould, shape and decorate chocolate like never before.

A day out at Cadbury World: Is there free chocolate?

The answer is yes, lots of it and it is delicious.

A day out at Cadbury World: Location

Cadbury World is built within the original Cadbury Chocolate factories in the area of Bourneville about a 15-minute drive from Birmingham city centre. The best way to reach Cadbury World is by car with Birmingham accessible from the M5 and M6 motorways, and there is plenty of parking on site. If you are travelling by public transport Birmingham New Street can be reached by rail or coach where a bus or taxi can be taken to Cadbury World. Alternatively, you can take a train to Bourneville station and Cadbury world is a 15 minute walk.

How much does Cadbury World cost

Cadbury World has a range of tickets on offer with the added bonus of family packages for famililes of four and five.

  • An adult ticket costs £16.75
  • Children aged 4-15 years £12.30
  • Senior citizens £12.30
  • Children under 4 are free
  • Family ticket for 2 adults and 2 kids £49.96 (£12.49 each)
  • Family ticket for 2 adults and 3 kids £59.95 (£11.99 each)

A day out at Cadbury World: Tips and useful links

  • Cadbury World is open most of the year but does get busy so book your tickets in advance through their website where you can also find some good deals including saving 5% of the regular ticket price. Cadbury World
  • Have a light breakfast so you can enjoy all that chocolate.
  • Think about the combinations of children and adults visiting to make the best use of family ticket options e.g. two friends with 1 child each so get a family ticket and save £8.14 which you can spend on chocolate from the shop.
  • Take some pocket money to treat yourself to a few, or many, discount chocolate purchases from the shop.
  • Find hotels near Cadbury World here.
  • A collection of classic Cadbury choclate TV adverts

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