Cuddles, Work and Family Travel

I was given the choice between Cuddles and Work. The answer was pretty easy and reminded me why you shouldn't delay family travel plans.

Sometimes you can get carried away with all the distractions and jobs of the modern work and home. But, when this happens you are at risk of missing out on time limited events with your kids. Just like I almost did last Saturday.

Batman vs Blogging

It was Saturday morning and I was busy cleaning up breakfast, checking social media and planning some photo edits in my head. While I was doing this I had left Champ to enjoy some chill out time watching Batman cartoons while his sister was out.
As I went to sit down at the computer and boot up Adobe he suddenly asks in his nicest voice, "Can you sit with me Daddy and we can watch Batman?"
My default response, I am sad to say, was to say no and tell Champ that I had work to do. After all running a blog, working full time and being a parent keeps you quite busy. However, as those words were about to come out of my mouth I suddenly stopped and looked at my little boy just sitting nicely wanting his Daddy to join him.

It dawned on me that while he is still my little boy he is getting bigger. He is about to start school and before I know it the last thing he will want to do is sit with his Dad and watch Batman. Ever since becoming a parent it has felt like time is exponentially speeding up. Every year seems to pass quicker and quite frankly it is scary. It shows me that if I don't take the time now to enjoy these moments I will never get it back. So really I had no choice.


I took my place next to Champ and watched Batman. It was great. The work could wait and did. But the lesson I was reminded of here doesn't just apply to cartoons on a Saturday morning but to so much more.

Family travel should be done today

It is to easy to be busy nowadays. It is to easy to look at something like Family Travel with young kids and think it just looks hard and that you have too much to do. The house needs to be tidied, the car washed, the report written, emails answered and the list goes on and on.
But think ahead ten years. Your children aren't so little anymore, don't need as many or any cuddles and when you travel they want to be on their own or with their friends. Is it stil worth spending your free time today answering emails?

Book something and just go

Hopefully, you agree it is not. So don't spend your upcoming weekend and freetime working. Instead chill out together with a movie. Go out on a day trip, maybe go camping, or even better jump on a plane and fly somewhere. When out use your phone as a camera and nothing else and just enjoy the time together while they are young and before it runs out.

5 Useful links so you can get away today

Let's start with the biggest, search for a flight.

Book attraction tickets and head out for the day.

Book a hotel, one that is family friendly and has a pool and has plenty of grounds to run around and have fun in.

Grab some day out inspiration from this and other books on Amazon.

Oh no, it's raining. No matter, take a look at this post for some rainy day travel inspiring fun.

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"Happy Travel leads to a Happy Family"

What are you going to do with your next period of free time?

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