Tearing up the lonely planet to inspire kids

28th March 2017

It's Saturday morning. I have finished cleaning up breakfast and working through a weeks worth of ignored post. Poppet has finished her homework and is looking at me with hopeful eyes that I something fun planned. Outside, the rain is bucketing down and it doesn't look like it is stopping.

What to do? I looked around the room and see the brilliant 100th issue of Lonely Planet Magazine. Then I see the scissors, paper and glue and one word jumped out my mouth "Collage".

Travel Inspiration

Poppet loves art and crafts. And I love getting her excited about travel and all the wonderful things you see when traveling. But sitting down and working through the magazine with a five year old would be hard work. So I decided to take a different approach and make our own travel magazine. A magazine made from cuttings from the Lonely Planet Traveler.

Choosing the images and text

To create our magazine we flipped through the pages until Poppet found images she liked. We would then read a little bit about that image such as the country of origin and what the picture was. She would then cut out the image and some text, and stick it onto a piece of paper. We then continued to work our way through the magazine.

The finished product

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After an hour and half of well spent quality time together our magazine was complete. We flicked through. Enjoying each of the pictures we selected while marveling at our gluing prowess.

Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine

Lonely Planet Traveler Magazine is a must read for all Travel lovers out there. It covers a wide range of travel related topics. Each edition is full of inspiration and great photos. And when you have finished reading those images make great collages.

Do it yourself

This activity was fun, engaging and simple. All you need to do it yourself is a magazine or two, some scissors, glue and paper. There is no right or wrong answer to what you create so go for it. Once you are happy with your pages line them up together and put three staples along one side. Then hey-presto your very own travel mag is ready. If you think this sounds like fun then please hit the share buttons below so others can give it a try.

"Happy Travel leads to a Happy Family"

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