Running Kit

Your Essential Travel Running Kit

I love running and find it one of the most complimentary sports for travel. It enables you to get outside and see some sights while keeping fit. Here is my quick list of essential travel running kit. Click on any picture to find it on Amazon

Running belt to keep a credit card, phone and car keys safe while running

Running Shoes - They can also make great plane shoes due to breathability and comfort

Running shorts - lightweight so easy to pack and squeeze a couple of pairs into your case

Running top - breathable, easy to wash in a sink and will usually drip dry in under a day

Hi Vis - Always be seen when running in the dark and these are small enough not to take up too much room in your suitcase

GPS Watch - This is more a luxury than an essential item but very useful to track progress during a run and then look back through your route on a new land. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing their running route through New York, London, Singapore or a beach in Goa