Happy Hour at Travelex

Save on your Travel Money through Travelex

Travelex Happy Hour is on today (5th September) between 11am and 1pm. Just fill in what you want and click through for the happy hour rates. Travelex Happy Hour is a chance to save money on an essential part of any trip.

What is the Travelex Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is normally something we associate with buying drinks early on a Friday night so what has it got to do with currency? Well, Travelex have applied the same principle to buying currency and for a specific time window they are offering better rates for customers.

How do I get the Happy Hour rate from Travelex?

Simple, just visit the Travelex site during the happy hour window, review the rate (always review the rates before buying) and if it is the best you can get on the web then buy the currency or top up your currency card. Travelex will then send you the money or put it aside in a greed pick up location such as Heathrow Airport.

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