Brittany Ferries - The slowest but best way to cross the English Channel

25th February 2017

It may be one of the slowest ways to cross the channel but what you lose in speed you make up for in ease and comfort. In fact in he six years since becoming parents we have already managed to notch up well over 12 ferry trips. It is just so easy and you have the chance to take as much luggage as you can cram into your car and we certainly took advantage of that.

Brittany Ferries: Who are they and what do they do?

Brittany Ferries provides cross channel ferry services from the UK to France and has been in operation since 1972. It was set up by Breton Alexis Gourvennec and a group of fellow Breton farmers wanting to export their cauliflowers and artichokes to the UK. Over the years it grew and was shaped into one of the leading maritime carriers on the western and central Channel.

You can travel from the UK to France and Spain by foot, bicycle, car, van, campervan and even a lorry. Once you are on-board you can just sit back and relax for a few hours while someone else does the driving. It’s a great chance to stretch your legs, eat some food and even get some sleep. This is why despite it taking longer than the tunnel it is our preferred choice for crossing the channel.

Brittany Ferries: What’s the food like?

On-board a Brittany Ferries ship there is a wide variety of dining options from a full service restaurant to a simple pizza cafe. Each restaurant includes options for the little ones and an activity bag to keep them occuppied throughout the meal, and if you are lucky a bit longer. The quality of the food is good and there is a good mix of French classics and English fair.

Brittany Ferries: What is there to do on board?

Brittany Ferries ships while not at the standard of a cruise ship do go out of their way to keep you busy and entertained with the following on offer.

  • A Cinema showing the latest films.
  • A Children’s entertainer and Pierre the bear. While this show can leave adults cringing young children absolutely love it.
  • Shops with a wide range of goods for those who love to shop.
  • Soft play area.
  • Video games room.
  • Slot machines/gaming room in case you have any money left over from the shops
  • Free Wi-Fi for all guests

Brittany Ferries: Useful tips for traveling with Brittany Ferries

Book a cabin (inside cabins can go for as little as £24 on a day crossing) so you can grab thirty minutes of sleep and have a place to dump any travel bags and the kid’s toys leaving you free to explore the ship.

Leave the push chair in the car. The cars are tightly packed in so there is not a lot of room to get into a boot and pull out the chair, and they need you to move as quick as you can so instead take a baby carrier like a babybjorn or similar. However, if you do take the push chair out there are plenty of lifts to take you to and from the car deck.

Take some sea sick pills. Even the calmest looking seas can upset the most hardened traveller. Also, if you do start to feel queasy get outside and get some fresh air. I always find this helps both me and kids when we travel on water.

Brittany Ferries: Overall

Overall Brittany Ferries is a well run service that allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy time together as a family before you even arrive in France or Spain. You can take as much luggage as you can cram in your car and even take the time to have a nap or perhaps even travel overnight to make the most of your time off from work.

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