Fish and Chips and Camping

A tasty alternative to the usual BBQ food when Camping

Travelbetter Boy and I wanted our camping trip to be easy, after all we only really had one afternoon to enjoy the outdoors.

So, when it came to dinner we abandoned the usual camping ⛺️ BBQ πŸ– and instead opted for a visit to the local chip 🍟 shop for our dinner.

The chips were perfectly crispy and had a generous helping of salt and vinegar. They were delicious, and it was great to sit together enjoying our food while the sun β˜€οΈ started setting. We barely spoke a word while we ate but this was becuase we were both so content.

While it can be great to have BBQ πŸ— when camping it was nice to keep it simple and save some time for play and adventure. Plus, I really do believe fish and chips taste better outside.

In fact, I enjoyed fish and chips and camping so much I have added it and some more tips to our Camping Food Hacks article.

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