21 Day Disney World Ultimate Ticket

Everything you need to know about the Disney World 21 day ultimate ticket.

Many people do a 3 week (21 day) holiday to Orlando and therefore so you can fill it with Disney World magic you can also buy a 21 day ticket. But just what do you get and can you really fill up three weeks with Disney adventures?

What is the 21 Day Ultimate Ticket?

The 21 Day Disney World Ultimate ticket gives you access to all Disney parks for 21 days following the activation of your ticket. This includes Disney Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and a few more. Plus, with 21 days you should be able to complete everything on your Disney World wish list at least once.

The 21 Day Ultimate ticket includes a park hopper allowing you and your family to move between Disney World parks on the same day so you can breakfast at EPCOT, lunch at Magic Kingdom and have Dinner at Hollywood Studios.

The 21 Day Ultimate ticket includes a fastpass to pre book the best rides and attractions like Mickey on Mainstreet, Frozen, Toy Story Mania and if you are lucky Avatar Flight of Passage.

Almost all deals for the 21 Day Ultimate ticket include the Disney Memory Maker option allowing you to get near professional pictures, including some with special effects, from around the park that you can download for free once you return home and relive those great Disney memories.

Where to buy the Disney World 21 Day Ultimate Ticket?

The Disney 21 Day Ulitimate Ticket is only available in the UK and from a variety of sellers. But here are our top picks for where to buy a 21 day ticket.

Remember that the earlier you buy your park tickets the better as the prices tend to rise twice and year, and be sure to shop around for the best overall deal. This can include extras, free postage etc. For more details on getting the best Disney World tickets then check out our Comprehensive Guide.

Disney Ticket Seller Check Price
Attraction Tickets Direct UK
Disney World Holidays

More Disney World Ticket Options

If the 21 Day Disney World Ultimate Ticket doesn't sound right for your trip or you just want to understand more about Disney World ticket choices then take a look at our Disney World Ticket Guide. Here we have details about all the ticket choices and best places to buy them.

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