The best Disney World tickets for Brits in 2019 and 2020

A comprehensive guide to Disney World Tickets

Disney World is on everyone’s family travel bucket list and this is no surprise when it has so much to offer.

But with a great destination comes a daunting amount of ticket choices and it can be really difficult to get the right one for your family trip to Disney. So to help we've put together this comprehensive guide that will explain what get for each ticket type, where you can buy it from, how much you should pay and lots of advice on how to choose the right ticket.

The Best Disney World tickets and where to buy them

A summary table of the best Disney tickets available and where to buy them from. Prices shown are for Adults / Children.

A quick guide to Disney World

While Walt Disney already had a theme park on the west coast of America he had dreams for something much, much, bigger. And after searching the country for just the right spot, and some interesting land deals, the Disney Corporation built Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

It has since become the most well-known theme park on the planet and with four main theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom), two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), a shopping centre and a few other attractions it is not surprising it hosts millions of people each year and it is on everyone’s travel bucket list. Whether they want to admit it or not.

Plus, unlike some of the other parks in Orlando, Disney World is for the whole family from baby up to Great Grandmother which is why Disney World Orlando is such a great family destination.

But with so much to see and do it is important to get the right ticket and this guide will help you do just that.

The Travelbetter Disney World ticket choice

We’ve been to Disney World 4 times since the kids came along and each time we’ve gone we have purchased the 14 Day Ultimate ticket. This has allowed us to visit the parks multiple times (including the water parks) but space out those visits nicely into a two week break. This ensures that we don’t go mad trying to do everything in a few days and we have plenty of time to rest and relax around park visits.

Plus, it has always been the same cost as 7 day ticket so seems an easy choice to make.

The Travelbetter recommendation for Disney World tickets is the 14 Day Ultimate ticket.

How much do Disney World tickets cost?

There is no getting away from the fact that Disney World tickets cost a lot. I would argue that they are good value but it is still a large chunk of cash and for a family of four with kids over three you could be looking at between £1200 and £1600 for your Disney World tickets.

Therefore, as with any significant travel purchase, we strongly recommend you shop around and find the best priced ticket for your budget.

The best way to search for tickets is simply to print our handy comparison template, click on the links below and right down the prices for each site for your preferred ticket. This way it is easy to find and remember the cheapest ticket price. Also, check the delivery price with each provider as this may vary and add to your ticket price.

Most of the ticket providers will also throw in extras with their tickets to get you interested. This could be money off other attractions, a free memory maker pass, discounted dinning etc. Be sure to note this on the paper if it interests you.

Buy your Disney World tickets early

The price of Disney World tickets typically goes up twice in a year so the earlier you can buy your ticket the better.

Plus, it allows you to spread the cost as many sites will allow you to purchase tickets from as little as a 10% deposit and then clear the balance 5 weeks prior to your Disney World entry date.

Buy your Disney World tickets on a credit card

For added protection we would recommend that you always buy your Disney World tickets on a credit card in case of loss or a problem with the ticket agent.

But make sure to include any credit card fees in your price comparisons and be sure to get a credit card with low to zero currency fees if you are paying for your tickets in Dollars ($).

What is a Park Hopper ticket?

A Disney World Park Hopper ticket means you can visit more than one of the theme parks on the same day and effectively “hop” between parks. For example, you could visit Magic Kingdom for breakfast, ride Splash Mountain, meet Mickey at Main Street and watch the afternoon parade. Then head over to Epcot for Test Track, Soarin, dinner on World Showcase followed by the Epcot illuminations.

What is a Disney World fastpass

A Disney World fastpass allows you to pre book a place on up to a maximum of three rides across a park or parks each day and avoid queuing for those rides. It can be a great way to ensure you get to ride on the latest ride or meet the newest characters without suffering the agony of a long queue.

For example, during one visit Frozen was at its peak and the queue to meet Elsa and Anna was always two hours+ but we were able to avoid this by using a fastpass and bring a great big smile to a childs face.

What is a Disney World Memory Maker

We recommend that you get tickets that include the Disney World Memory Maker as this is a great bonus for your trip. But what is it?

The Disney World Memory Maker is a great service where professional photographers will take your picture around the parks with or without characters and then scan one of your tickets. When they do this the photos and sometimes a few special effects are uploaded to your Disney World account (you get this when activating your tickets) for you to download for free or pay to have a DVD or hard copies created.

How many days should you spend at Disney World?

This is a number one question to ask when buying Disney World tickets as the key to a great family holiday in Orlando is planning.

While it is great to go with the flow when traveling one place where having at least a rough agenda of what you want to do is an Orlando holiday. For example, will you do Disney World and just Disney World? or maybe Universal as well? Perhaps you want some days free to just chill or shop?

Think about how you want to visit Disney World and how you might space your visits out. For example, if you want to visit all four theme parks then you know you will be spending at least four days of you holiday at the parks so need at least a four day ticket.

If you then want to spread out those visits to allow you time to recover between theme park days as they can be tiring, then a 7-day ticket might be right.

Next, you may want to visit your favourite park more than once and try a water park so the 14 day ticket becomes the right option.

If you are staying for three weeks, then you may just want to try the 21 day ticket and go Disney crazy!

See our example Disney World Holiday Itinerary to help you plan your trip and decide which ticket is right for your family.

Disney water parks

The Water parks at Disney World are a lot of fun and a great way to have a chill out day with some adrenaline action thrown in. But they are not for everyone. They do include activity areas for younger children but the bulk of the rides are for ages 8+ and while you can sit and relax on the lazy river it may not be as relaxing as your villa or resort pool.

We got more value from the Disney Water Parks this year as the kids are that much older. Previously they didn’t go in much for the slides etc so instead we choose to use all our time in the main theme parks. But having the option was always a nice bonus with the 14 day ticket and we are looking forward to the kids getting more and more into the slides. As a much younger lad I found it one of the best places on a Disney World holiday and would run from slide to slide and ride them all day long.

For reference the gate price for a day at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard beach is around $65 per adult and $60 for children.

What are the best places to buy Disney World tickets

There are a large number of places to buy tickets from and this includes the entrance to Disney World and many ticket vendors who can be found throughout Orlando and the Kissimmee area. While I am sure most of these vendors are genuine and worth a look we have always purchased our tickets in the UK before we have gone for the following two reasons.

  1. The first reason we buy our Disney World tickets in the UK is this way we will know, and pay, the cost before we go allowing us to spread the cost of the tickets and not suffer any unexpected surprises that take all of our money when we arrive in Florida.
  2. The second reason is that certain ticket types are only available in the UK and this includes our favourite 14 day ultimate ticket.

To help with your buying decision here is a quick rundown on some of the largest providers of tickets

Orlando Combo Ticket

If you just can’t decide between all the theme parks Orlando has to offer then give some thought to a Combination Ticket. Many sites now run combination deals where for one price you can gain access to multiple parks across your holiday. As an example here is a table of all the combination tickets currently available with FloridaTix for travel in 2017 and 2018.

Combo Ticket What you get Price from Buy
Ultimate Florida Combo (12 Parks) 14 day pass to all Disney World, Universal and Seaworld Parks (includes Bush Gardens) Prices start from £745 per adult and £715 per child (3-9 yrs)
Orlando FlexiTicket (6 Park) 14 day pass to all Universal and Seaworld Parks (includes Bush Gardens) Prices start from £319 per adult and £308 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney and Universal Combo (9 Park) 14 day pass to all Disney World and Universal Parks Prices start from £585 per adult and £557 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney and SeaWorld Combo (9 Park) 14 day pass to all Disney World and SeaWorld Parks (includes Bush Gardens) Prices start from £475 per adult and £449 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney and Legoland Florida Combo (7 Park) 14 day pass to all Disney World Parks and Legoland Prices start from £402 per adult and £382 per child (3-9 yrs)
SeaWorld Parks and Legoland Florida Ticket (4 Park) 14 day pass to all Sea World Parks (includes Bush Gardens) and Legoland Prices start from £127 per adult and £123 per child (3-9 yrs)
SeaWorld Parks and Legoland Florida Ticket (4 Park) 14 day pass to all Sea World Parks (includes Bush Gardens) and Legoland Prices start from £127 per adult and £123 per child (3-9 yrs)

21 day ultimate Disney World ticket

If you are a Disney lover and going to Florida for three weeks, then this is the ticket is for you. It gives you the freedom to spread your visits out or alternatively experience everything at least twice and still have a few days off.

Plus, with park hopping included in this ticket you have plenty of time to do Disney World the relaxed way spending the mornings chilling at the water parks (the best time to visit) and moving on to the theme parks in the afternoon and letting your fastpass do the hard work.

Get a 21 day ultimate Disney World ticket now from

Disney Ticket Seller Price from Buy
FloridaTix Prices from £419 per adult and £399 per child (3-9 yrs)
AttractionTix Prices from £419 per adult and £399 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney World Holidays Prices from £400 per adult and £380 per child (3-9 yrs)

14 day ultimate Disney World ticket

The Travelbetter choice for Disney World tickets as this one gives you the time and flexibility to see everything you want without the stress of trying to cram it all in to one week. Plus, as we said before, the price difference between the 14 day and 7 day ticket is often non-existent to very small.

Get a 14 day ultimate Disney World ticket now from

Disney Ticket Seller Price from Buy
FloridaTix Prices from £384 per adult and £359 per child (3-9 yrs)
AttractionTix Prices from £379 per adult and £359 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney World Holidays Prices from £369 per adult and £349 per child (3-9 yrs)

7 day ultimate Disney World ticket

The 7 day ticket gives you all the park hopping fun as the previous two but with only 7 days to cram it all in.

While not our choice this does have some potential benefits for a Florida visit.

  1. It gives you the flexibility to change to another Florida location e.g. Miami beach for a two centre holiday
  2. Spend some focussed time in Disney followed by time in Universal or other theme parks.
  3. Get Disney World done and dusted in a week and take a week to just relax in your villa or hotel.

Get a 7 day ultimate Disney World ticket now from

Disney Ticket Seller Price from Buy
FloridaTix Prices from £369 per adult and £349 per child (3-9 yrs)
AttractionTix Prices from £369 per adult and £349 per child (3-9 yrs)
Disney World Holidays Prices from £359 per adult and £339 per child (3-9 yrs)

1 day ticket to Disney World

The perfect choice if you are short on time, funds or just want to visit one Disney World park.

1 day tickets can only be bought at the park gates and prices starts from $120 for an adult and $115 for a child age 3+.

Disney World Park Hopper Plus

This ticket offers a range of day options for visiting the main theme parks and also includes the same number of fun visit vouchers that you can use to visit Disney Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Oak Trail Golf Course, Winter Summerland Miniature Golf and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Buy the Disney World Park Hopper ticket from Best of Orlando with prices for a 10 day ticket start from $525 per adult and $505 per child (3-9 yrs).

Disney World Annual Pass

If you think you will be back at Disney within 12 months then you may want to look at an annual pass as it can present a great saving on tickets but also extra perks like free parking.

There are two Disney World annual pass choices:

  • Disney Platinum Plus which includes water park entry and park hopping. Prices start from $869 from ages 3+.
  • Disney Platinum which includes park hopping but no water park entry. Prices start from $779 from ages 3+.

You can only purchase an annual pass via Disney World.

Don't by Disney World tickets on eBay

While they might be genuine tickets it isn't worth the risk as Disney World make use of RFID and Fingerprint technology to verify tickets and you wouldn't want to get caught out at the gate and face a hefty fine and the cost of buying tickets again.

Ultimately, if ticket prices are signficantly cheaper than Disney World are selling them for then it is too good to be true and should be avoided.

check out the Disney World ticket prices.

Ways to save money on a Disney World Holiday

While Disney World ticket costs are high there are some other ways to save money on your Disney World Holiday to help keep the overall cost down.

  • Don't hire a pushchair or stroller in the parks as they are very expensive at $15 per day for a single and $31 for a double and they do not look very comfortable. Instead take your own, rent one outside the park or even buy one at Wal Mart and take home to keep, ebay or give to charity as all of these options are better value than a Disney World rental.
  • Consider a package holiday rather than putting together components yourself. While some great deals can be achieved the DIY way with the abundance of accommodation and flights now serving Orlando it can work out better and easier to book a package through the likes of Virgin Holidays, TUI or Thomas Cook.
  • Take snacks into the park as while the food and drink is tasty it is very expensive.
  • Buy a good water bottle with a filter. Disney World has lots of free to use and often cold drinks fountains throughout the park with the small disadvantage that the water can taste a bit funny. A filter bottle will take care of the taste and allow you to carry water around the park. Plus, it stops you buying soft drinks.
  • Ask for a cup of ice water in the restaurants as it is free, filtered and will cool you down.
  • Take a Sat Nav with you. Most hire cars do not come with a Sat Nav and charge to rent one so either take a cheap one with you or download a good app to your phone like CoPilot or TomTom Go and remember to download the maps before you go to avoid roaming charges.


Overall we recommend the 14 day ultimate ticket but please take your time in your search for Disney World tickets and use the resources above to make sure you find the best price and the best Disney World ticket for you and your family.

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