Walt Disney World is 45 years old 2nd October 2016

October 1st 1971 and a new theme park opens its doors in Lake Buena Vista in Florida. That theme park was Walt Disney World and went on to become the most visited holiday resort in the world with an estimated attendance of 52 million people annually. It was the second theme park Disney would create and Walt Disney had big plans to turn into a test bed for new ways of living and working focussing around the EPCOT area. Sadly he died before the parks completion and while some of his vision remained it focussed more on becoming a theme park.

Walt Disney World is 45 years old: A park built in secret

The story of how Walt Disney World came about is a fascinating one with secret land purchases and deals done all over Florida. Plus, Walt Disney and his team worked closely with the state to eventually secure powers to the site that meant it could act as a city within its own right. For more details see the Wikipedia entry on Walt Disney World and a brief history of Walt Disney World from frommers.com. Sadly at this time I have been unable to find a more detailed history of the parks creation but to learn more about Walt Disney a good start is this biography on the great man.

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