Disneyland Paris Fireworks

Our review and film of the Disneyland Paris Fireworks.

Will watching the Disneyland fireworks online spoil it for me?

Understandbly, you may be thinking that if you watch the Disneyland Fireworks here then it may take away from viewing them live. The short answer is no and here are a few more detailed reasons.

The quality of this film isn't great Despite being the cameraman I have to admit the quality of this film isn't great and doesn't go anywhere near good enough to represent the actual magical spectacle of the fireworks.

Even if the film was great it is still not the same as seeing in real life with the size, sound and scale of the display

This will actually help you better prepare for seeing the fireworks as you can make a judgement call on how much or little your kids will enjoy the show. Afterall if you think there are just too many load bangs and flashes for them then it probably isn't worth hanging around to watch them and you can use your time better.

What is the recommended age for Disneyland Fireworks?

We would recommend 5 onwards for them to really enjoy it and not be too put off from the loud bangs but as we often say use your judgement as you will know best what your kids will and won't like.

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