Ashmolean Museum Oxford

A family trip to the Asmolean Museum in Oxford

Recently we spent a family weekend in Oxford and high on our list of places to visit was the Ashmolean museum. The Ashmolean is a large museum in the heart of Oxford housing a vast collection of art work and historic pieces from across the world and throughout time. Pieces are organised together by theme rather than time such as a large display of fine china or a collection of antique musical instruments. The artefacts are well presented and laid out over five floors of museum.

It was interesting to walk through the different sections and admire the collections. Each one was accompanied by engaging and bite sized text to allow you to take in just enough information to appreciate the piece without going into its detailed history. Each section was well laid out with plenty of space to walk about and occasionally there were hands on activities for the kids to do such as spelling words with hieroglyphs. There was also an activity trail for the kids to do but being honest they got frustrated and bored pretty quickly and after an hour we gave in to their moans and headed off.

Despite leaving earlier than planned we enjoyed the Ashmolean museum and would be happy to return but when the kids are older or without them to take our time and enjoy the exhibits.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Who is it for?

The museum is full of interesting and well-presented pieces but young children quickly become disinterested and overall we feel the museum is best for adults and teens.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Location

The Ashmolean museum is located in Oxford city centre. It is best reached by car via the A34 but rather than drive into Oxford we would recommend you use one of the many park and ride services. The Ashmolean museum is then just a short walk through the lovely city from the bus stops. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Pear Tree at the Pear Tree interchange just off the A34 and next door to the Pear Tree park and ride.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Food

We did not eat at the Ashmolean but it has a café serving cakes and sandwiches. It also has a more impressive roof top restaurant with views of the city serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Cost

The Ashmolean museum is free to visit with a suggested donation of £5.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Downside

The museum is packed with items which is great but can be a bit daunting. We would recommend you focus your visit to one or two areas rather than try to see it all in one go.

Ashmolean Museum Oxford: Overall

The Ashmolean museum in Oxford is full of interesting pieces from across the globe and different times. It is fun to browse around and the artefacts are presented in an eclectic manner with no obvious flow, which can be slightly frustrating, but keeps visitors on their toes. It isn’t for young children but is well suited to adults and maybe teens.

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