Gordon's great escape 14th October 2016

Gordon’s great escape is the latest book by Supertato creators Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet and we were lucky enough to be given a copy by Simon and Schuster to read and review.

Gordon's great escape: What is it about?

Gordon’s great escape follows the adventures of Gordon the balloon. From his early days at balloon school to seeing the world with a travelling circus. Throughout his adventures he faces adversity from many spiky encounters and each time he does he decides to make a great escape and move on to new friends and adventures.

Gordon’s great escape: Who is it for?

Gordon’s great escape is aimed at young children from zero to five with a simple yet exciting story that keeps the pages turning by providing a leading question at the end of every two pages. For example, “As time went on he grew, and grew, until he was big enough for…”.

Gordon’s great escape: For reading practice

The text in the story is well crafted yet simple enough that five year olds could have a go at reading it themselves and it may make a welcome change from Biff, Chip and Kipper.

Gordon’s great escape: Overall

Overall Gordon’s great escape is a fun and easy read that keeps the kids guessing, and therefore interested, throughout as they wonder if Gordon will survive or go bang. It is also a great book to help inspire kids for travel as they get to see Gordon move from adventure to adventure but always happy and quickly making friends.

Gordon’s great escape: Useful info and links

Gordon’s great escape will be released on the 20th of October and will be available from Simon and Schuster, Amazon and your local book store. For more information on the story, creators or publishers see the following:

Gordon's great escape

This post was sponsored by Simon and Schuster. All opinions given are our own.

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