New Zealand Pictures 17th May 2016

Marlborough New Zealand

In ten days’ time some close friends of ours will take a very brave step in their life and move permanently with their two young children to New Zealand. While we are very sad to see them go we understand the drivers for their move and when I look back through some of our pictures from travels in New Zealand it is very easy to understand the pull of this beautiful and diverse country.

This photo was taken in Marlborough in the South Island where we had a fun time visiting numerous small wineries on bikes while tasting fabulous wines.

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Lakes of New Zealand

Lake Tekapo

New Zealand has many lakes throughout the islands that range from crystal clear to deep sapphire blue in colour. This was Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand.

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Mt Cook

Mt Cook New Zealand

Mt Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3724m (12,218ft) and a popular tourist destination. For the more adventurous you can climb or even get a plane to take you to the summit of the mountain.

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Maori Culture

Mt Cook New Zealand

New Zealand is proud of its native Maori Culture and there are many chances to experience it such as the above where we also got to sample a delicious hangi (a meal cooked on hot stones under the earth).

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Thermal mud pools and geysers

Craters in Rotorua

Rotorua in the North Island of New Zealand is a fascinating landscape of thermal mud pools, geysers and craters that make you think you are on the moon.

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Picture perfect

Akaroa New Zealand

To me this shot of Akoroa in the South Island of New Zealand always sums up just how picture perfect the landscape is and when I look at it I remember all New Zealand has to offer and I understand why our friends are giving it a go and good luck to them.

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