Prepare your kids for flying

Ideas and tips for getting kids prepared and even excited about an upcoming flight.

Updated 14th March 2017

You've set your out of office, packed your case, ordered the taxi and will soon be off to the airport for your summer holiday. But as you get nearer the airport or as you are getting on the plane your little ones suddenly flip out. Terrified, worked up and the last thing they want to do is get on that plane. They are scared and letting you know it. Everyone is looking at you, most with sympathy and some without. You know you will be getting on the plane but that potentially long journey is going to be tough and you become increasingly aware that you and your little ones are going to be thinking about the plane trip home the whole time you are away taking some of the shine out of you holiday. Reduce your chances of this happening by applying the following tips to get them flight ready before you go.

Get the Grandparents to shut up

It's almost as though they get some sort of pleasure from winding up your kids. I am sure this isn't the case but what gets into them to keep making a big fuss about the long uncomfortable flight coming up on the big airplane that will be high in the sky.
Maybe this isn't true for all but I remember my Grandparents doing it to me and I've watched my kid's Grandparents and people of a similar age do it to them. All of a sudden this grown up is telling them how big and scary it is all going to be and I can see the fear setting in. So how do you deal with this. Stop them in their tracks and counter the conversations with positive messages of how exciting it will be and how lots of their friends have been in planes (even if this isn't true and yes lying to your kids is acceptable on many occasions). Then when the children are not around anymore politely but firmly ask the Grandparents or other similar aged adults to simply not mention it.

Children's Stories

Find yourself a few children’s story books about flying. One of our favourites to use was Topsy and Tim Go On An Aeroplane. This will explain to them what is about to happen and show that it can be a lot of fun.

Fun meals

While the food served on airplanes is less than perfect it is served in fun little trays and packs. Tell your kids about this and call it the special plane meal and point out that they will get their own little tray or food pack to eat. It may not seem much to you but they will get excited about it.

Disney on demand

Inflight entertainment is getting better all the time and long may this continue. Plus, telling your kids that they will have their own TV with some of their favourite Disney films and other shows to watch as they please will get them excited about flying.

It is all about the fun

One common aspect from all the tips above is to make the journey sound fun prior to going and keep this up prior to the flight so the kids think it is just another part of the holiday and not just a means to getting to a destination.

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