Save our butts 22nd August 2016

"So as they went in - every dog, pooch and pup - They took off their bottoms and hung them all up"

It is an understatement as large as the Grand Canyon to say that we love this book. Everytime we read it we are rolling around with tears in our eyes as we giggle insanely. The book is the The Great Dog Bottom Swap. It explains how on one fateful night during the great dog ball a fire broke out and as a result of the panic, and a power cut, all the dogs ended up with each other’s bottoms. Naturally, this is then shown to be the reason that dogs sniff each other’s behinds whenever they meet.

"Wait a minute" said Clive to the panicking mutts, "Our bottoms, our bottoms, we must save our butts!"

So why I am telling you about the The Great Dog Bottom Swap. Apart from recommending a great book to read with the kids this is actually a family travel tip. Whenever we go away we are always aware of just how important bed time is and getting them, and therefore you, a good night’s sleep. One of the things we’ve found to be a great help is to have one or two favourite books with us to remind them of home and help them to relax before going to sleep in a new environment. When they were younger it was Each peach pear plum and The Gruffalo but right now it’s The Great Dog Bottom Swap and Busy Farm (Busy Books) and no doubt in time it will be something else but whatever it is taking their favourites, and yours, for those troublesome bedtimes can be a real help. Will it always work? Of course not, ut it is another useful weapon in the arsenal of bedtime battles.

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