Top 5 family travel 2017

Plus one wild card no one else is talking about but should be

Okay, I admit it. With all the hectic fun of Christmas, markets in Vienna and cruising adventures in Bruges I am a bit late getting this list done and know most bloggers had it done in August! Well done them but for those of us still contemplating where to head off this year with the little ones here’s our top five family destinations for 2017 and one wild card.


Northern lights, geysers, volcanoes and blue lagoons are sending an ever growing number of people to Iceland to take in some magnificent natural wonders and get closer to nature.


This island has been steadily gaining popularity with travellers for the last ten years but with trade and travel embargos recently being lifted the island is likely to see massive commercial changes ,over the next few years, and could look radically different from the Cuba of today. So many people are flocking to Cuba as soon as possible to see this captivating and unique island before it changes forever.

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Myanmar (Burma)

An emerging player in the South East Asia travel markets. This country is working it’s socks off to shake off the past and look forward to its future. For travellers it won’t disappointed with its fabulous countryside, golden temples and own unique foodie flavours that all make Myanmar this year’s place to go in South East Asia.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the happiest places in the world and why not with an almost pollution free environment, a rainforest full of wondrous creatures and some of the best coffee on the planet. This should be near if not on the top of everyone’s travel list for 2017.


With the British pound plummeting against the Euro and Dollar this makes it a great time to visit the UK, or stay and explore our home country if your British, and visit a land with over 2000 years of history on offer, great home grown produce, and coastlines to rival the best in mainland Europe. We recommend a UK road trip to take in as many places, sites and people as you can during your trip.

The Wildcard

This year’s wildcard for travel is a global mega city sitting in an ancient land. I am talking about Shanghai. Find the latest tech, thousands of years of Chinese culture, superb food and Disney’s latest theme park all in and around this vibrant city.

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