Help your child beat that horrible cold and get back to playing with #VicksTricks 12th February 2017

You are only days away from your holiday. The two weeks a year when you can kick back with the kids, relax the rule book and enjoy yourself as a family. But then you realise one or more of your kids is getting a cold. Filling up fast with the green stuff, coughing at night, starting to feel miserable and letting you know about it. Suddenly that idyllic break is at risk so you stop packing and focus instead on getting your little ones better as quickly as possible. To help with this we've got together with Vicks and listed a few tricks to help you get them fighting fit.

#VicksTricks: Check you have the right equipment

The first action on the list is to confirm you have everything you need to start waging war on that cold bug.

  • Liquid Paracetamol e.g. Calpol
  • Liquid Ibuprofen e.g. Nurofen
  • Vicks VapoRub
  • Child Vitamins
  • Favourite books
  • Cuddly toy or comforter
  • Good supply of Disney films

Always read and follow the instructions with any medicines, including vitamins.

#VicksTricks: The basics

Before we dive into the tips and tricks the first place to start is with the basics. Keep them well hydrated with plenty of water (tepid is best) and filled up with their favourite food to give them energy to fight off the bugs.
Plus, give them a child’s multi vitamin once a day to top up on their vitamin levels.

Always read and follow the instructions with any medicines, including vitamins.

#VicksTricks: Cuddles, comfort and sleep

To make sure they have enough spare energy to fight off that nasty bug we recommend plenty of rest and to help with that we find the easiest thing is to put on their favourite movies and cuddle up on the sofa. To ensure they do relax pick a well watched favourite and nothing that is going to get them too excited. For Poppet and Champ this would be Enchanted, Frozen, Cars, or Cars 2. One thing to make sure of before you settled down is that you have everything you need right next you e.g. drink, snack, phone etc. Because once they doze off you won’t want to move for fear of disturbing them.

If cuddles and movie time aren’t working our next recommendation would be to make sure they have a favourite teddy or comforter and take them for a long drive. It may be something you haven’t tried since they were a baby but a long gentle drive can still send them off to a deep sleep. Just make sure they have a comfy neck rest like this one from Trunky or you could find out they wake up with a headache and send you back to square one.

#VicksTricks: Simple fun

Do some of their favourite but more sedate past times and take the time to do it with them. For example, colouring and drawing. It helps take their mind off being poorly and in all honesty, I find it quite relaxing to.

#VicksTricks: Vicks VapoRub on your kids feet

Vicks VapoRub is a go to weapon for almost all parents when it comes to taking on a cold and one of our favourite tricks with Vicks is to rub it on their feet and then put a pair of socks on top. We have no idea why this help but it really does help clear their airways and provide a good night’s sleep. As strange as it sounds make sure you give it a try at bed time.

#VicksTricks: Make them laugh

You have often heard that laughter is the best medicine and while it may not directly fight off cold bugs it does at least distract your little ones and make them feel better. We find that doing things in silly voices and tickles work best but as they are growing older jokes are becoming more and more popular and here's one to get you going,

Why can't Elsa have a balloon?
Because she will let it go

#VicksTricks: Magic from Vicks

#VicksTricks: Story time

When they are feeling down and maybe struggling to go sleep due to coughs and sore throats we often turn to some of our favourite family story books. Top of our list is the Great Dog Bottom Swap (see post). This hilarious book gets us laughing each time we read it and this in turn helps the kids to relax a bit.
However, if their favourite book isn’t working you may want to try The Rabbit Who Wants to fall asleep. A book written with the sole purpose of sending them off on a goods night sleep. The book is more like a script than a traditional story book with instructions on how to read certain phrases, provide an emphasis on a word or whisper a name. It even includes some actions to throw in like the odd yawn or two. But be careful as it comes with a health warning that it may just send you to sleep as well.

#VicksTricks: Take care of yourself

Before kids I hardly ever got ill. Since having kids, and especially since they started school, I get colds all the time. In fact, I get one each time they do. Therefore, to make sure you are not the one ruining the holiday, by being poorly, as soon as you realise they have a cold start yourself on a first defence spray or similar. Try to get some rest (not easy with a sick child I know), spend the evening watching your favourite movie or TV shows and take plenty of fluids but maybe lay off the wine.

#VicksTricks: While on holiday

Despite all the above it may be that when you leave for that holiday they are still a bit poorly or worse they pick up a cold on route to your destination. So make sure you pack everything listed above and continue to carry out the same steps to ensure you beat that cold as quickly as you can.

#VicksTricks: Useful links

Some more interesting tips and information from Vicks.

  • Vicks website
  • Vicks VapoRub Infographic
  • Vicks has recently conducted research with parents to see just how we deal with our poorly children, see the results.

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign with Britmums

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