Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet

22nd March 2017

So the UK has followed the US and decided to ban any electronic devices bigger than a postcard on certain flights. Basically anything bigger than a smart phone and you may now be wondering about how to keep the little ones entertained on a flight with no tablet, so here are a few ideas.

What is the laptop and tablet ban on flights?

Before we dive into the list of alternatives to tablet entertainment on a flight here is why you need to consider alternatives. Recently both the UK and US security services have instigated a ban on laptops and other devices being in the passenger cabin on direct flights from the following countries.

  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • UAE
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Morocco

The tablet ban is in response to intelligence received and gathered by the secruity services indicating an immediate and highly probable threat due to a perceived risk in these locations and the airports operating in them. More specifically the ability to get something passed security and carried onto an airplane whereas the risk through checked baggage must be presumed to be lower otherwise they would implement a total ban. For more details see this article from the BBC.
If you are travelling to or via one of these places you may want to think about your luggage and the ability to store a device safely in the hold or alternatively leaving it behind and getting some digital down time. If you do take a device make sure it is packed in a padded bag and we would recommend using a toughened case like these from Gumdrop.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Homework

Yep, you read that heading correctly I did say homework. Why not take their homework with them? After all they will have only limited distractions on a plane once in the air and it is the perfect time to get it done and out of the way. Then you can all enjoy your family break with the knowledge it is done.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Reading

With the extra space now available in your hand luggage you can slip in one, two, three or even four books and spend some quality time reading with your kids. This could be encouraging them to read books by themselves or with you. Either way this is a great chance to sit down and enjoy some books together and help with their learning. I recommend the Great Dog Bottom Swap but be careful you will be laughing out loud a few pages in.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Activity books, stickers, colouring and drawing

Colouring books, word games and puzzles can keep them and you engaged for hours. If you get time to yourself on a plane this may be the perfect time to try out some adult colouring books as a way to relax and distress.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Put more apps on your phone

If you think your kids just can't survive the trip without some tech then load up your smart phone and be prepared to hand it over. But make sure you take a power bank to keep it going.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Take more toys

Fill up the trunki with loads of your children’s favourite toys, after all there will be plenty of room in the overhead lockers with no laptops and tablets. Just make sure to list or take a few pics of all the toys added so you can keep track during the flight.

Ways to keep kids entertained on a flight without a tablet: Alternative flight or trip

If you are understandbly feeling very worried by the recent additional security measures then it may be worth looking into alterntive flight options or cancelling your trip. To find out what your options are contact your flight company and travel insurance provider.

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