Busy Bees in Half Term 12th June 2016

During this half-term Poppet and I had a fab Daddy-Daughter day and this included a trip to the Wyevale Garden Centre in Andover for Busy Bee week where Poppet got to plant, decorate and take home a Cosmos plant. The Cosmos plant is a bee favourite we were reliably told by our energetic and enthusiastic host Paula who made a great effort to make sure every child was having a good time.

What is Busy Bee Week

Busy bee week at the Wyevale was being run across half-term with a different activity each day and parents could sign up for all and any via their website. As Poppet loved art and craft and it matched my day off we went for the Planting. We also opted for the child’s packed lunch with are ticket.


Poppet enjoyed the planting activity very much and it was a well-run and efficient operation. Sadly, the same could not be said about the restaurant who seemed to be struggling with the extra demand of families over half term and had run out of sandwiches for the packed lunch and took a very long time to serve us. However, the cooked options on the menu (and on people’s plates) looked a lot better than the packed lunch so if I was heading back I think I would give the packed lunch a miss and go for cooked, just be prepared to wait a bit.
Overall, we had a good time at this event and Cosmos plant is now in the garden hoping to catch lots of sunny rays over the summer (A bit like the rest of us).

Useful information

The Wyevale Garden Centres are a well-known chain of Garden Centres in the UK operating approximately 150 stores and they tend to be on the large size with a good range of gardening and related products. Often they also have large aquarium departments selling and displaying a large number of fish and this is often a great place to walk the kids through and get them to see who is the first one to spot Nemo.
Find out more about the busy-bee-week at Wyevale Garden Centres.
Wyevale Andover can be reached by car from the A303 via the A34 and M3. Wyevale Andover

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