Nando's and Second Chances

Why it took ten years for us to like Nando's and what that teaches us about travel

It’s official, the Travelbetter Family are Nando’s converts, in fact I would go so far as to say we are Nando’s fans and have fallen for their tasty Portuguese peri peri flame grilled chicken.

But it took some convincing, ten years and thousands of miles of travel.

Our first taste of Nando's

Way back in 2007 we had our first experience of Nando’s and it wasn’t good. In fact it was horrible.

This was pre-kids and Travelbetter Mum and I were on our big round the world backpacking trip.

We were in Melbourne at the time and looking for something tasty to eat and came across a Nando’s at the railway station.

We were scoping out the railway station location as very early the next morning we were catching a train to Adelaide.

We wanted to know how to get to the station from our hostel to avoid searching for it very early in the morning while only half awake.

After working out where to go we went into the Nando’s outlet at the station and it is fair to say it was a poor experience.

Poor service, poor surroundings and poor food. We made a note not to try that brand again and went on our way.

Fast forward ten years

Fast forward ten years, 2 kids and many miles on the road and suddenly Nando’s are springing up all over the UK and everyone loves them. We just cannot understand why.

Then, while on a trip to Bristol we decided to give Nando’s another go. Well, in truth it was the only place we could get into but we were happy-ish to give Nando's a second chance.

But after that meal we were hooked. the setup was efficient (just what families want), the food options were plentiful and tasty, and the price good for what you got.

We suddenly understood what everyone was raving about and now it is a fave choice when we are out and about in the UK.

A lesson learnt

So what does going back to Nando's teach us about travel?

Well, that you cannot write off a brand, place, country, city, food etc from one bad experience. Two...maybe, but not one.

Give it time to get better, after all Nando’s took ten years to get good:-) but be prepared to give things a seconds chance and you may be surprised.

Share your second chance stories below, or are there some places you would never go back to no matter what?

Happy Travels - Travelbetter Dad