Higgidy Vegan Parcels

The Travelbetter team get a taste of fun but fuss fress food from Higgidy

Our day started by all four of us struggling out of bed late having watched, with equal amounts of pain and pleasure, England go out of the world cup the night before. But we had to shake off that sleepy feeling and face another busy day ahead, and not just for Travelbetter Mum and Dad. But for the Travelbetter Kids as well. Instead of normal school lessons they had a special fitness day planned and would be spending all day running around and trying different sports and activities. Followed by after school club as Travelbetter Mum and I were at work.

Now, while fitness day sounded and looked great fun, I was quite jealous at drop off looking at all the fun things laid out. It was a pack lunch day and then after school club would be snacks as well. So this meant after picking them up from school I would need to cook them a “proper” dinner.

But in all honesty everyone is getting a bit fed up with the usual rushed dinners on these busy days and we were all craving something a bit different, tasty, and easy.

And this is where Higgidy hoped to have the answer for us with something a bit different, or as they like to say something a bit Higgidy.

Read on to find out if they did.

Who are Higgidy?

Higgidy produce chilled, cooked food that is tasty, different, can be part of a healthy meal, and best of all easy. They specialise in pies but are also branching out into other areas.

Higgidy was founded by Camilla Stephens, a mum who loves to cook and loves nothing more than enjoying a delicious meal with her family. She understands that life is hectic but also that good food doesn’t have to be fussy and time consuming and so came up with Higgidy. Watch this video of her making tasty pea parcels for a trip to the beach.

Our Higgidy experience

So I picked up the kids around 5:30 and we headed home for some dinner and to try out some Higgidy food.

The Higgidy package we opted for was the Vegan Friendly Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion Pastry Parcels and as soon as we looked at the box we could tell if was fun food.

It came housed in a lovely and bright purple box with a window that showed just the right amount of food to get our taste buds firing up.

Once opened we were impressed by the almost diamond like pastry treats and the kids just wanted to dive right in.

And there was nothing to stop them diving in. After all, Higgidy really is easy food as it is ready to go in the box. However, I do like to give the kids hot food and have crispy pastry so I threw them in the oven for ten minutes and steamed some veggies to go with them.

Once out they looked great and had taken on a lovely golden colour and I couldn’t wait to taste them.

So after keeping one back for Travelbetter Mum who was still at work, we grabbed some forks and dived into our dinner.

Our first taste of the Higgidy pastry parcels was a mixed affair. Firstly, the pastry was lovely and just melted in our mouths but in all honesty we found the filling to be a tiny bit bland on the first bite.

However, on the second bite we got the hit of the tomato coming through which bought the sweet potato to life a bit more.

Nevertheless, for me and Travelbetter boy is still needed something more so we added a side dish of sweet chilli sauce and this went with the Higgidy Pastry Parcels really well and pretty soon we had all finished our dinner.

When Travelbetter Mum arrived home later in the evening she ate her Higgidy pastry parcel and enjoyed every mouthful without the need for sweet chilli sauce, so I guess it all comes down to personal preference.

Did Higgidy deliver on fuss free and fun food?

Overall, our Higgidy Vegan Friendly Roasted Sweet Potato and Onion Pastry Parcels made a great change from the normal week night food and lived up to the promise of interesting, tasty food, but without the fuss and Higgidy products are highly likely to make it on to our shopping list in the near future.

Higgidy food is a great choice for picnics

As Higgidy products can be eaten cold they make a great choice for picnics so why not give them a go this summer.

Where to buy Higgidy pies and parcels

The Higgidy brand can be found in all major supermarkets across the UK in their chilled food sections. Just be on the lookout for the most colourful and inspiring packaging and when you see it, you’ve found them.

Disclaimer - Our Higgidy goodies were provided to us as a promotional item to enable us to write this review. All views expressed are our own.