Marshmallow Pops

Move over S'mores, we've just found a new favourite marshmallow treat - fantastic and easy Marshmallow Pops

It seems to have become the norm now that if we go camping and have a bbq or fire then the kids want to roast marshmallows and have s’mores.

However, on our recent trip to Folly Farm campsite in Hampshire I wanted to try something different, and use up all the kids left over Easter chocolate in the process.

Our first taste of Marshmallow Pops

I talked over the plan with the kids to try something different to s'mores and they liked the sound of it. They even agreed without much of a fuss to give up their Easter chocolate for this marshmallow treat and began “shelling” chocolate eggs like good Ooompa-Loompas.

I was really pleased they were willing to give this a try and commit their chocolate. It showed me that they are starting to get a taste for food adventures.

We then placed the chocolate on the BBQ and watched the eggs melt. Stirring occasionally and being careful to avoid burning. Once melted we removed it from the BBQ and also took another tray and placed some chopped toasted hazelnuts and sprinkles, then a further tray with hand crushed biscuits (another task the kids happily helped with).

Next we gently roasted our Mashmallows over the BBQ to just at melting point on the outside.

Then we went for the fun bit and dipped them in the melted chocolate followed by biscuits and either sprinkles for the kids or chopped nuts for me. Once covered it was eaten in one go and it was delicious. We all loved it. So much so that we were all singing in happiness about this tasty treat.

Our Marshmallow Pops were so good they bought us out in song.

Marshmallow Pops Recipe

How to make Marshmallow Pops

We have everything in this section to recreate this gorgeously gooey marshmallow treat for yourself.

Marshmallow Pops Ingredients

  1. Regular Sized Marshmallows (you want them so you can eat them in one go)
  2. 1 large bar of milk chocolate
  3. 5 Digestive Biscuits or Graham Crackers
  4. Toppings of your choice like chopped toasted hazelnuts or colourful sprinkles


Make sure you have the right quipment for making Marshmallow Pops.

  1. 4-5 small foil trays
  2. BBQ, fire pit or Camping gas stove
  3. Long wooden skewers
  4. Large wooden spoon to mix the chocolate as it melts - or just use a skewer

Method for making Marshmallow Pops

Just follow these simple steps to make the best Marshmallow Pops

  1. Crush five biscuits into large crumbs directly into a foil tray
  2. Break up the chocolate into another tray
  3. Place your other toppings in the remaining trays
  4. Melt the chocolate over the BBQ and take off just as the last bits are melting. Keep stirring and the residual heat will melt the remaining chocolate
  5. Skewer one or two marshmallows to the end of a skewer and hold the marshmallow just over the grill of the BBQ
  6. As the outside of the marshmallow starts to turn shiny turn the marshmallow until it is all shiny
  7. Dip the marshmallow in the chocolate, the biscuit and then any of the other toppings (although my favourite was just chocolate and hazelnut)
  8. Eat, enjoy, repeat

Things to consider when making Marshmallow Pops

Don’t let the marshmallow colour like you would when making s’mores as it will fall apart as you dip it in the chocolate.

Make sure to get large skewers so yours and the kids hands are well away from the heat and BBQ

Resist the giant kind and only get regular marshmallows as they are bite size and perfect for this recipe. Anything bigger would just lead to a sticky mess with the kids...and everyone else.

Marshmallow Pops without cooking the Marshmallow

While we think the best way to enjoy these is with a warm and gooey marshmallow they also make great treats for a birthday party and they can be prepared the night before. Just follow the methods above but resist the urge to cook the marshmallow. Once you have made your Marshmallow Pops simple put them in the fridge overnight and then bring them out when required at the party. The difference will be a chocolately marshmallow treat with a cold snappy crunch but still delicious.

I prefer to call this a Marshmallow Lolly but that's not really important. What is important is the wonderful taste and what great Birthday or Halloween snacks they make.

When to make Marshmallow Pops

While this delicious marshmallow treats could be enjoyed at any time here are some suggestions for when to make these easy Marshmallow Pops.

  • Camping - Just like we did
  • Birthday Party
  • Halloween Party with some goolish toppings
  • When an injection of fun is required to lift a long lasting sullen mood
  • Girls night in

Vegan Marshmallow Pops

The two ingredients to swap out to make Vegan Marshmallow Pops is the chocolate and the marshmallow. Both quite important but thanks to the growing Vegan movement alternatives are available.

Amazon has a large range of Vegan Chocolate.

And here are a couple of options for Vegan Marshmallows:

Nothing else needs to change and the method above can be followed step by step.

The best Marshmallow Recipes

Here are some other great Marshmallow recipes to try.

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Have you tried Marshmallow Pops? What's your favourite marshmallow treat?

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