Haribo Birthday Cake

Time to celebrate Travelbetter Girl's Birthday with a lovely Haribo Birthday Cake (Recipe Included)

While we always encourage Travelbetter girl to eat healthily, and for the most part she does, she has always had quite a sweet tooth.

So when it came to her Birthday cake this year Travelbetter Mum knew exactly what to do and once again pulled off a showstopping and tasty cake with this lovely creation.

So tasty and fun we thought we just had to share the recipe and tips for making with you.

Haribo Cake Recipe


  1. Madeira sponge cake
  2. Butter cream icing
  3. Ready to roll fondant icing
  4. At least 5 large bags of your favourite Haribo and other sweets for the topping
  5. At least 2 giant flump sweets for the border
  6. 12 Pack of Unicorn cake decorations for the side of the cake


  1. Make a vanilla Madeira sponge cake
  2. Make the butter cream
  3. Once the cake has cooled spread a layer of butter cream over the cake. This is easier if you have a cake turntable.
  4. Roll out the fondant icing and lay over the cake covering it completely and trim any overhang away.
  5. Take a compass and on some tracing paper or baking parchment draw a circle the same size as you cake.
  6. Practice laying out the sweets in different arrangements until you find the design you like.
  7. Once you have an arrangement you like...take a photo with your phone so you have a picture to work off.
  8. If you haven't already then transfer your cake to cake tray and make sure it is wider than your cake so you can lay out the border flump(s).
  9. Transfer your design from the paper to the top of cake. But don't stick the sweets yet as you may want to tweak the design on the cake.
  10. Make your final adjustments to the layout and take another photo when complete.
  11. Carefully work across your design and stick down each sweet with butter cream icing.
  12. Wrap the flump(s) around the base of the cake securing with pins.
  13. Stick on roughly 6 Unicorn decorations with butter cream.

More tips and pics below.

Practice the Layout for a great Haribo Cake

This is the key to this cake. Practice several times to make sure you are happy with the layout. What tends to work best is continous rows of the same sweets but it is up to you.

Find a layout that works for you on the cake before you stick.

When you find a look you like it is time to stick it down.

Key Equipment used to make a Haribo Birthday Cake

Every job always goes better with the right equipment.

Equipment Picture Amazon Price Buy Now
Kitchen Aid
Cake Turntable
Pallet Knife
Silicone Baking Mat
Compass Set

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