Drawing on the beach

A fun beach activity for the whole family

Since they could hold a crayon in their tiny hands the Travelbetter kids have always loved to draw, and when I took a self-imposed digital detox a few years back I discovered that I did too. Especially with the kids. Now we take every chance we can to just have some fun drawing together, and in Normandy last summer we found a giant public canvas to draw on...called Arromanche beach.

Normandy has great big flat and sandy beaches that are pefect for this activity and even on a hot summers day they tend to be quite empty so you have plenty of room to draw.

We all found this great fun to do and best of all you don’t need any kit or toys to do it. Not even a bucket and spade. Just a sense of fun with a dash of imagination.

Next time you are at the beach give it a try.

How to do Beach Drawing

It really is very simple. Find a stretch of sand that is ideally damp to touch i.e. not dry and then use either your big toe or fingers to sketch things out. I preferred using my toe but the kids went with fingers as brushes. If you really don't want to use your toes or fingers then I guess you could use a stick.

The trickiest part is deciding what to draw but this is also the best part. Just let your imagination run wild. Draw a spaceship, or boat, or plane, or flower, or.....you get the idea. Just have fun with it.

Don't worry if you can't draw very well

You really don't need to worry about whether you can draw very well to enjoy this activity with the kids. At the end of the day the sea will simply wash it away good or bad. It is just about having fun.

This is what we focus on and as you can see I am no Picasso - The man shape picture is mine.

What are your favourite family beach games? - Comments

Share with us what your family love to do at the beach.

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