The Story Museum in Oxford

An imaginative and immersive day out in Oxford for the whole family.

"Alice's strange journey begins when she sees a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and speaking English, and decides to follow him down his rabbit hole."

One of the best definitions I found on the internet for the term "Follow the white rabbit" is that the term means to follow an idea or a concept which may lead to a strange, or different, place.

So it was fitting that the welcome sign to the Story Museum in Oxford would be Alice's white rabbit. After all, were on the lookout for something different to visit during our family weekend in Oxford.

Oxford is full of great museums and historical sites and while they are interesting. They all have a touch of sameness and, dare I say, stuffiness about them and the Story museum promised to be different.

So did the Story Museum in Oxford prove to be different, and did it turn out to be a great place to visit with kids?

Read on to find out and see our visiting tips to help you travel better to the Story Museum in Oxford.


Our visit to the Story Museum in Oxford

After a large breakfast at the Holiday Inn Oxford we took the park and ride into the city centre and headed out to look for the Story Museum.

It wasn't the easiest place to find but then Oxford is such a pretty place getting a bit losts through its cobbled alleyways isn't the end of the world and we needed a bit of a walk to burn off breakfast anyway.

After about fifteen minutes of walking we arrived in the courtyard of a grand old building known as Rochester House and we began our journey into the land of stories.

The recommendation for visiting the Story Museum was to visit from the top down and this is just what we did. We worked our way up lots and lots of stairs to reach the top floor and a giant bed.

The bed setting was all about taking some time to chill and read stories together. The shelves of the room were lined with books and you were actively encouraged to grab a book and sit down and read together.

In fact, we were encouraged to treat it just like bedtime and trade our coats for dressing gowns, (pretend) to clean our teeth with giant toothbrushes and then settle down to a good story on the giant bed and we did just that.

Our next stop was a lovely little room that focussed on animal inspired stories.

Travelbetter Girl loved this room. She always loves animals (at a distance) but also loves bright and vivid colours and images and this room was decorated with many such images. Plus, they had picture books she could flick through at her leisure taking in each picture.

Travelbetter Girl could have easily spent most of the day in this room but we managed to tempt her away with talk of more of the exhibits.

Next stop was a multimedia and adventure story room showing the different ways stories can be created.

Sadly, not all the interactive exhibitis were working in this section but this didn't stop the kids from being inspired to have a go.

Last up was the brilliant make a story room that provided props and simple prompts to show you how easy it is to make a story. Including this brilliant story chair where you took up a descriptive term, character, and place and it was introduced in dramatic style.

Overall we had a great time at the story museum with lots of interactive exhibits to keep the kids interested while teachning them about the world of stories and writing.

Who will enjoy the Story Museum Oxford

The Story Museum in Oxford is fun for the whole family but is clearly aimed at young children from 4 upwards and it was the little kids that really made the place for us and others.

Therefore, we recommend the Story Museum to families with young children and we would say it is not a place for singles, couples or families with teenage children (unless they have a younger sibling to enjoy it with).

What is the food like at Story Museum Oxford

We didn't eat at the Story Museum but did walk through it's cafe, The Story Cafe, that was serving simple lunch options such as soups, salads and sandwiches. A tasty looking range of cakes, and a variety of hot and cold drinks to wash them down with.

The cafe also includes a childrens menu offering combinations of sandwiches, drinks and snacks for around £5.

Getting to the Story Museum Oxford

The Story Museum can be found in the centre of Oxford in Rochester House at 42 Pembroke Street

Oxford can be reached easily by car and has some public parking but we wold recommend that if you are coming by car you make use of one of the Oxford park and ride services in place on the outskirts of the city and then walk from the bus stop to the story museum as shown in the map above.

Where to stay in Oxford for the Story Museum

Oxford has lots of accommodation options and we have found the best places to stay with kids for you with details of each recommended hotel. But if you don;t have time to take a look then simply click through this quick list of accommodation options.


Overall the Story Museum in Oxford is a great place to visit with young children from 4 to 10 years old who are all dsicovering teh wonderful power of stories, reading and creative writing.

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