Driving past tractors in France

1st May 2017

Driving in France is great! The well maintained roads, open space and glorious fields stretching for miles. But you do encounter a lot of tractors on the roads and when driving an English car it is difficult to see if you can pass safely. Luckily, I had my copilot to direct me but otherwise I would just have been stuck on many occasions. All I can recommend in such circumstances is turn up the music and enjoy the view until the tractor pulls over. They are often not going very far.

Essentials for driving in France

There is a lot, in fact tons, of debate on the web about what you need to take with you to drive safely in France and not incur the wrath of the local police. We tend to play it safe with this sort of thing as a few pounds spent now could save hundreds if we were pulled over. With that in mind here is what we took on our recent trip to Normandy.

Traveling to France

France is a great location for a family holiday and being able to take your own car is a great bonus. Recently we travelled with Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth and enjoyed a great family holiday in Normandy.

"Happy Travel leads to a Happy Family"

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