The Winchester Mayfest and why Morris dancing is cool

Updated 18th March 2017

What are the signs that summer is on its way? The days getting longer, ditching my coat, or tables outside Starbucks? No, the real sign that summer is on its way is the Winchester Mayfest and the jingling of bells across the city .

What is the Winchester Mayfest?

Mayfest is an annual celebration of music, dance and song set in the historic city of Winchester. The event comprises of musical and dance demonstrations. Plus, a chance for the whole family to get involved and have fun.

Team spirit at the Winchester Mayfest

One of the highlights of the festival is the competition between local villages that is best decribed as a Morris dancing face off! Each village puts forward a team in traditional costume who will strut their stuff to the public and hope to better the previous act.

Why the the Morris dancers are cool.

Put simply they are out there doing their thing and not caring about what anyone else thinks. This by definition is cool! But more than that they are getting some exercise, having fun, being part of a social scene and encouraging others to do the same. So they should be admired for what they are doing and yes, considered cool.

Winchester Mayfest: Useful information and links

  • Mayfest Website
  • Mayfest 2017 will take place in Winchester on Saturday the 20th of May
  • Winchester is easily reached by road, rail and even plan via Southampton Airport
  • Places to stay in Winchester Mayfest weekend

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