Sunday at the seaside

The Travelbetter Team head to Lee-On-The-Solent

This Sunday we all agreed that we wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere. It didn’t have to be far but we wanted a tiny bit of fun and adventure. So, when Travelbetter Mum and I saw that the weather forecast was showing sun we decided to head to the seaside and let Travelbetter Baby see the sea for the first time.


Our seaside of choice is Lee-On-The-Solent. It is only about an hour from where we live and Travelbetter Mum’s parents live nearby so we could combine our day with a visit. Plus, it is a lovely stretch of coastline that seems to go on for miles and has good, pram friendly, paths to walk along.

Also, Lee-On-The-Solent still has a bit of a feel of a traditional seaside town and is crammed with eating and drinking options.

It seemed everyone had the same idea

As we arrived in Lee (Lee-On-The-Solent) we discovered that everyone else had the same idea and the place was packed. In fact, it looked busier than it had on days during the summer!

Still, it wasn’t going to stop us enjoying the seaside so once we parked up we started to get out the car and discovered another slight downer on our trip.

It was cold

While the sun was out sporadically the wind was whipping along the coast line and it was actually quite cold. After five minutes of walking it was very cold.

But this didn’t change our plans much and we all took a quick stroll along the sea front and up to the main parade to grab some lunch.

We were surprised to see on route that despite the cold lots of people still wanted an ice cream on the beach. I guess it is that British stubbornness I love and hate in equal measure that means that if we planned to come to the seaside and have an ice cream then that is exactly what we are going to do.

Fish and chip lunch

On deciding on a day out at the seaside we knew exactly where we wanted to have our the chip shop. They have fantastic chips that are just the right balance of chunky potato and crispy crunchy coating and the fish has a crispy batter Heston Blumenthal would approve of. Plus, they have a nice little seating area behind the actual chip shop where you can sit in the warm and enjoy you lunch and this is exactly what we did.

As you can see from the picture the portions are very generous and even I couldn’t finish everything (I left about half my mushy peas).

It can be really nice to sit and eat your chips on the seafront but unfortunately the seagulls at Lee, and lots of other places, will go for you and pester you for food, as stupid people keep feeding them!, which is annoying for us adults but can be a bit scary for the little ones. If you are in any doubt about feeding seagulls then check out this, albeit funny, video of what can happen.

Fun on the beach

After lunch we braved the elements again but both Travelbetter Mum and Girl couldn’t take much of the cold so they went and sat in the car with Travelbetter Baby while I took the boy down to the beach to explore and throw a few pebbles into the sea.

It was very cold but we had good fun and it gave me a chance to test out our bridging camera at the seaside and I am pleased to say it did well and I was able to get some nice photos without much effort on my part. All the photos in this post were taken with the camera but I've also added some extra ones at the end that show a bit more of what it can do.

Cup of tea and heading home

After a bit of play on the beach we headed over to the grandparents place for a warming cup of tea before heading home.

So while we didn’t get the long sunny walk by the sea we had hoped for we did get lots of fresh sea air, enjoy a tasty lunch and give Travelbetter Baby her first glimpse of the sea. Even if it was only fleeting.

We always enjoy a walk by the sea. It seems to have a chilling or calming effect on us all. I am not sure what it is but hopefully we will get in a few more seaside days this year – regardless of the weather - as they always feel good for us and provide a good and easy way to enjoy quality time together.

What chills out your family? - Comments

While a trip to the seaside can chill out the Travelbetter family tell us what and where has the same effect on your family.

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Some more pictures from our day at the beach

As promised some of the more technical/arty photos I took at our day at the beach

The Travelbetter Bridge Camera

All the photos in this article were taken with our Sony DSCHX400V Digital Compact Bridge Camera, a great 40th present for Travelbetter Dad, that is so far proving to be an excellent camera for blogging with the ability to catch some great shots and video with very little effort. It won't produce professional/saleable quality photos like a DSLR but will produce great family shots or photos good enough for blogging.