Pictures from the Winchester Hat Fair 2016

4th July 2016

This is an annual event in the somewhat conservative city of Winchester in Hampshire. It is always great fun where the city invites in street performers from around the world to entertain the public. There is something for everyone and here is a collection of photos from this year’s event.

A roaring good time for all

A pop up garden

A simple display to encourage growing your own food and making it fun.

A very skinny man and a chair

This performer shows just what you can do after a twelve month detox.

Poppet paints

The Hat Fair encourages creativity on a social level and Poppet loved adding to this open canvas in the Cathedral grounds.

Cup and ball

Yes, it did hit her in the face but she was very brave and kept trying until she got it right. I was impressed and very proud of her determination to get it right.


A chance for visitors to loose their heads in this novel exhibit. Inside each box would be a scene with added sound and yes even smells in a couple. The kids favourite was one that smelled of popcorn.

The usual rules forgotten

For this one weekend of the year the usual rules don't apply.

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