11 Shopping Tips for Black Friday

How to make the most of Black Friday to help you Travel Better, Cheaper and More Often

Black Friday hits the UK on Friday the 24th of November. Now, while most travel agents and holiday providers haven't yet embraced this event it doesn't mean avid travellers should ignore it and here's why.

Travellers should use Black Friday to save money on all the items you need when on your adventures. Items like luggage, tech, clothes, cameras and the list goes on. So, read our Black Friday shopping tips and save some money that you can then spend on travel.

However, if you are set on finding a travel bargain for Black Friday then check out our Black Friday Travel Deals to find those few providers who are doing Black Friday and still apply the majority of our tips below to ensure you do get a good deal.

1. Get ahead of the game by signing up for newsletters

Retailers like to give people a heads up on the deals for Black Friday to get them interested and thinking about their store. They do this through their Black Friday email newsletters and social media channels.

So for at least November be sure to sign up to a few to stay a little bit ahead of everyone else and help you identify where to get what you want.

Head down to tip number 7 for recommended retailers to sign up to.

2. Write down what you are interested in getting on Black Friday

To avoid wasting time and potentially spending money on items you don't need (which you could spend on your travels - yes we are obsessed with that subject) write a list of what you want before Black Friday. Nothing fancy, just a simple list on pen and paper.

For example some key items you may want to think about for your next trip are:

  • Luggage and backpacks
  • Walking Shoes
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Digital Cameras

3. Stick to high priced items for Black Friday

Deals can go quickly on Black Friday so you don't want to waste time looking at items that are low priced with a small saving. Instead, think BIG and focus on expensive items that have large discounts. After all, 25% saved on £10 is £2.50 but 25% saved on £500 is £125.

4. Know your products before Black Friday arrives

Take the list you made in step 2 and do some research. Start on Amazon and then look for specific review sites to understand more about the range of products you are interested in and what are the key features and functions you want. This will allow you to make an informed decision before buying.

Additionally, should time allow on Black Friday then do a quick bit of internet searching for a particular product when you see it. We recommend something like the following searches in Google.

  • Product name reviews
  • Problems with Product name
  • Product name price comparison

5. Know where to look on Amazon at Black Friday

Quick navigation will be key to finding what you need on Amazon this Black Friday so here are some of the pages we think you should look at.

6. Get Primed...for early sale access

Amazon give all Prime Members early access to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so if you don't have it yet then sign up for Amazon Prime.

You don't even need to pay for it. Just take out the 30-day free trial and you will still be granted early access to Black Friday deals and then can cancel your membership when December comes around.

7. Don't just stick to Amazon at Black Friday

While we recommend it as a starting point for Black Friday be sure to check out these other UK retailers and their Black Friday deals to help you Travel Better, Cheaper and More Ofen.

8. don't forget the kids on Black Friday

Yes, I know it feels like everything is about them sometimes and well, Black Friday is no exception. After all when you travel it is highly likely you will take more stuff for them then you do for yourself (we do). So, on your Black Friday list make sure you include items for the kids

For Example

  • Trunkis and other bags
  • Toys
  • Kids clothes
  • Tablets
  • Sleeping bags, travel cots, baby carriers...
  • Night lights, monitors, walkie talkies...

9. Be prepared to buy and then return

Time is ticking away on that lightning deal and only 1 item left...so you better buy it. If it then turns out to be no good for your needs return it, within 30 days, and all you would have lost is just a little bit of time.

10. Consider getting out

Internet shopping is great and very, very, easy. But it might not be where the best deal for you is so consider hitting the shops. But rather than head to a random collection of shops hoping for a deal focus in on one or two key shops that stock what you want. Remember Tip 2

11. It's not all about Friday

If you can't see what you want on Black Friday don't panic. You still have Cyber Monday and you may even want to take a risk with any tech purchases and wait until the Monday. But even if Cyber Monday doesn't deliver don't worry becuase...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just the start of a long period of sales. First we get the Pre-Christmas sales and then we go into the New Year Sale and finally the January sales.

Bonus Tip! - You don't need to wait for Black Friday for Amazon deals

Yep, it's true. You don't actually have to wait for Black Friday to get a good deal on products in Amazon. They actually have deals on every day and we've teamed up with Widgetmaker to bring you this handy little tool to search for discounted products any day of the year. So, if you are desperate for a new suitcase or need a new set of wireless headphones then just fill in the details below and hit search.

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