Mr Tumble Spotty Bag

Let your little one carry their favourite things on their travels inside the magical Mr Tumble Spotty Bag...

Travelbetter Girl and Boy both loved Mr Tumble, and we are confident Travelbetter Baby will as well.

If your little one is a big fan then you may want to take a look at this version of his famous spotty bag for them to take on their travels and daily adventures.

It has good storage for a few of their favourite toys and a snack or two. Plus it has a "secret" pocket on the front and a glow in the dark star.

It also becomes a toy itself as you can encourage your child in imaginary play with this bag and pretending to be either Justin or Mr tumble on his adventures. This is a great way to get kids a bit more interested in what you are doing as you are travelling. For example, imagine you are visiting a castle and while you are loving the history your little one isn't. So, now suggest he or she becomes Mr Tumble with the bag and investigates the castle like Mr Tumble (or Justin) would. Suddenly they are having fun again and you can to.

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See the bag in action

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