Trunki PaddlePak Water Resistant Backpack for little explorers

In this article you can find everything you need to know about these innovative backpacks for children from Trunki.

What is a Trunki PaddlePak?

A Trunki PaddlePak is a backpack, or rucksack if you prefer, designed with little explorers in mind. They are light weight for your little one to carry, well-padded to avoid soreness, splash proof so great for the beach or swimming pool, come with a handy hanging hook for doors, wardrobes and lockers and they are easy to use.

Is the Trunki PaddlePak Waterproof?

No, the Trunki the PaddlePak is not Waterproof but is Water Resistant. This means that it will repel small amounts splashed onto the bag at the beach, by the pool and even in the rain. But it cannot be totally submerged in water or left out in the rain for too long as water will get in a damage whatever is inside.

How big is a Trunki PaddlePak?

Trunki PaddlePaks come in two sizes. Medium for age 2 to 5 and Large for ages 5+. Their dimensions are as follows:

Size From Age Storage Capacity Dimensions
Medium2+7.5 Litres37 x 29 x 17 cm
Large5+10 Litres47 x 40 x 28 cm

The best place to buy a Trunki PaddlePak

All the above product links will take you to Amazon UK which is always a nice and easy option. However, we always like to encourage people to shop around before buying as money saved is money that can be spent on family travel. So before you buy you should have a quick look at these other providers of Trunki Products to see if you can get a better deal.

Some extra benefits of a Trunki PaddlePak

The Trunki PaddlePak will also help developer your little explorers travel skills:

  1. By being fun your kids are a lot more likely to engage and therefore carry the bag
  2. It is a great way to start teaching your kids how to pack a day sack or overnight back.
  3. It is a great way to start teaching your kids some responsibility towards their stuff while on holiday and ensuring they always pack away all their toys.

See a Trunki PaddlePak being used

To get a better idea of the size, shape and how to use a Trunki PaddlePak check out this playlist of videos we've put together.

The reviews of the Trunki PaddlePak

Overall, the Trunki PaddlePak has had great reviews across Amazon and numerous travel and product websites.
In fact on Amazon it is scoring roughly 85% at 4 or 5 star.
But, there are also some negative comments out there and while not a lot they are all pretty consistent in what they say. The PaddlePak bag is too small and while it can hold swimming kit, towel, etc. it cannot hold a change of clothes as well. Not a problem for the beach but if you are using it for swimming lessons after school you may find you need another bag to put their school uniforms in after the lesson and they have got into their pyjamas.

"Happy Travel leads to a Happy Family"

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