Everything you ever wanted to know about the Trunki ride on suitcase and whether you should buy one

Gruffalo Trunki

Trunki burst onto the Family Travel Gear scene way back in 2006 and long before Travelbetter Mum and I were to become parents. However, we could see even then the appeal of this ride-on luggage as they started to appear in airports around the UK.

A few months later and the inventor appeared on Dragon's Den to pitch his ride on suitcase only to be shot down by the Dragons. Something that would come back to haunt them as Trunki then went on to explode and become the carry on luggage of choice for kids under 8.

Now, the brand has grown and continues to be a world wide success for founder Rob Law and toy company Melissa and Doug.

But does it live up to the hype and what alternatives are availabile? After all, the world moves on and competition is now much more fierce in this market which should be a good thing for family travellers.

So, before you purchase a Trunki or one it's competitors check out our indepth guide to one of the most famous suitcases on the planet.

Features of the Trunki suitcase

The following table provides an at a glance view of the Trunki Suitcase to allow you to make a quick decision if it is likely to be right for your kids and whether you want to read on.

Casing Hard Shell Plastic
Storage Capacity 18 litres
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions (HxLxW) 32x44x22 cm
Lock Type Twist lock with a plastic key (kept on the strap)
Hand Holds White plastic grips representing the horns of the Gruffalo
Age rating 3+ (up to 50kg)
Carry Straps (for Parents) Multi funtion strap to pull the Trunki or go over the shoulder

Trunki Suitcase

To help you find the perfect Trunki here is a summary view of the current range available today including Gruffalo, Pirates, Race cars and more. Where possible we have included links with each one to the best retailers in the UK so you can check out prices and availability to find the best deal. We've also highlighted the Trunki's we have bought in the past.

What to pay for a Trunki Suitcase

Price for a new Trunki

Prices vary dependingon the style of Trunki you go for with the basic Blue and Pink models starting from around £24.50 then moving up to £45 for the branded models such as the Gruffalo and Paddington Bear.

Price for a second hand Trunki

Due to their high quality there is a very good second hand market for Trunki suitcases with them going for a little as £12. Take a look at eBay and also search by completed items to see how much they are going for.

Pro's and Con's of a Trunki

To again help you make your mind up on the Trunki and understand a bit more about its good points and bad points here is a simple pro's and con's list.

Trunki Pro's

  • Robust
  • Light weight
  • Good storage
  • Fun design kids will love
  • Becomes a fun ride on toy
  • Excellent range of accessories

Trunki Con's

  • Cumbersome shape to carry (and you will end up carrying it)
  • Doesn't fit all overhead storage options
  • Hand grips could be better

Where to buy a Trunki

The following are the best places to buy a new Trunki in the UK. All these retailers offer a competitve price, next day delivery and good product availability.

The following are the best places to buy a second hand Trunki in the UK.

  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • Facebay

Alternatives to Trunki

While Trunki were innovators in the kids lugagge area in the time since their launch many competitors, or alternatives, have appeared on the market that might be worth a look and meet your needs better.

Disney Trunki Alternative

Somewhat surprinsgly Disney and Trunki have not come together yet and instead Disney have produced and licenced a range of Disney Ride On Suticases. These Disney "Trunkis" feature their most popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Elsa and Anna and many more. Rather than list what is available here we have created a seperate Disney Trunki page with the best of their ride on suitcases.

Samsonite Dream Rider

Recently Samsonite launched a range of ride on suitcases to rival Trunki including some Disney branded versions. Check out the full range and specifications on the Dream Rider in our quick guide.

We have also put together a comprehensive head to head comparison of the Dream Rider and Tunki that is worth a look if you are struggling to decide between the two.

Motorbike Ride On Suitcase

This motorbike based option is a fun little ride on suitcase plus the handles provide better grip that a traditional Trunki.

Conclusion - Is Trunki Anygood?

So, is the Trunki Suitcase any good and should you buy one? We say yes it is and it is a top choice for a kids ride on suitcase thats to its durability, storage and fun designs.

Find your perfect Trunki

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