Paddington Bear Trunki

Travelbetter review of the latest Paddington Bear Ride On Suitcase

He may have come from deepest darkest Peru, but the marmalade loving Paddington Bear is clearly the UK's favourite brown bear...sorry Rupert.

And those bright sparks over at Trunki HQ have come up with the Paddington Bear Trunki Suitcase your little one is just going to love.

Read on for our review of this fun Trunki suitcase.

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Specification of the Paddington Trunki

To help you decide if you should buy the Paddington Bear Trunki here are the must know facts about the suitcase.

  • Dimensions 31x21x46cm
  • Storage Capacity of 18 litres
  • Weight 1.7kg
  • 4 Wheels
  • Side closing latches with basic key lock
  • Fits most aircraft overhead luggage storage
  • The Paddington Trunki comprises of 1 compartment with an internal pocket and criss-cross retaining straps for clothes and blankets
  • The Paddington Trunki includes a detachable shoudler strap that is also a useful pull for when your little one wants to take it easy
  • The Paddington Trunki is for ages 3 and over

The best places to buy a Paddington Trunki

The Paddington Trunki is available from a wide variety of retailers including directly from the Tunki website. However, we think the best place for price is Amazon or Ebay.

Review of the Paddington Trunki?

It's difficult to identify anything not to like about the Paddington Trunki. After all we love the Trunki brand here at Travelbetter and both Travelbetter Girl and Boy love their Trunki ride on suitcases

Plus, they have added on a character we all love. In fact just seeing him on this Trunki reminds me of times when we have all been cuddled up on the sofa watching the Padding Movies and we are sure others will have similar memories.

So overall this product provides a fun, useful and robust ride on suitcase for kids decorated with a much loved character. Although we wouldn't recommend putting marmalade sandwiches inside no matter how tempted you are.

Who is Paddington Bear and why is a Paddington Trunki such a good idea?

Paddington Bear is a loveable childrens character who first appeared in the childrens book A bear called Paddington back in October 1958 and he went on to be featured in many more stories all written by the talented British Author Michael Bond.

Paddington orignated from Peru, or darkest Peru as it was referred to in the stories, and arrived in England at Paddington Station in London wearing a rain hat, large duffle coat and carrying a battered suitcase.

When he first arrived he was a little bit lost but luckily he stumbled across the friendly Brown family who promptly adopted him and gave him his name Paddington Brown.

He then went on to have many fun adventures and despite always having the best intentions at heart seemed to have a knack for getting into a pickle. But he always tried his best and was always very polite and I think it was this loveable and well mannered enthusiasm that made him such a hit with British children and parents.

The Paddington Bear stories have gone on to be translated into 30 languages and more than 30 million copies have been sold worldwide. His stories have been made into cartoons and now two great movies containing a host of stars such as Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman.

But what makes Paddington such a great choice for a Trunki? Well, he is a born traveller and adventurer. Just think he is a small bear who bravely left his home in Peru to travel 9,738km across the globe to England to have adventure after adventure.

Plus, he was also there when the Channel Tunnel was completed as he was included as one of the gifts the English exchanged with the French when the tunnel was completed. So this makes Paddington an excellent choice for a Trunki to inspire our little ones to travel the globe, quest for adventure, always look to do the right thing and always politely.

Paddington Bear TV and Movie Clips

Just in case you need a reminder of the exploits of this little bear then take a look at these videos.

Let's start at the beginning with the very first episode of the Paddington Bear Childrens show Please Look After This Bear which was first aired in 1976.

The Trailer for the brilliant family movie Paddington.

The Trailer for the uplifting and heart warming Paddington 2.

"Happy Travel leads to a Happy Family"

This article contains affiliate links to Amazon, Ebay and other retailers. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link it doesn't cost you any extra and we may get a small commission. For more details see the Travelbetter Privacy Policy.