Samsonite Dream Rider Suitcase

Travelbetter Review of the Samsonite Dream Rider kids ride-on suitcase

Lightning McQueen Dream Rider

Samsonite are one of the most globally recognised luggage makers in the world today and for good reason. They have been making high quality and robust suitcases and travel gear since around 1910 when founder Jesse Shwayder manufactured the companies first suitcase with a focus on strength and attention to detail.

In fact strength was such a key element to the design that Jesse Shwayder named one of his earliest suitcases Samson ,after the biblical character, and from this the company name of Samsonite was born but for a long time they have had minimal offerings in the kids luggage are but now finally are giving it some much deserved attention with the creation of the Dream Rider suitcase for kids.

Naturally, being a brand recognised for quality and robustness you should expect a ride on suitcase built to last even the most rambunctious of toddlers and children. So, we've taken a close look at the Dream Rider range to see if it meets these expectations.

In this review we will provide you with useful guidance and the latest range of the Dream Rider suitcase so you can determine if it is the right choice for your little adventurer.

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The facts and figures of the Dream Rider Suitcase

The following table provides an easy to read breakdown of the key statistics of the Samsonite Dream Rider so you can see in a glance if it is right for you and your kids.

Dream Rider Betty Bee
Body Shell Hard Shell
Storage Capacity 25 litres
Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions (HxLxW) 21x50x39 cm
Prices from £38.00
Lock 2 Point Clip Lock on either end
Hand Holds Canvas grips
Age rating 3 to 8 years (up to 50kg)
Carry Straps (for Parents) Convertable strap with easy-to-grab webbing handles

Samsonite Dream RiderSuitcase

The latest range of the Samsonite Dream Rider suitcases for kids including Disney branded ride on suitcases.

Dream Rider vs Trunki

If you are wondering how the Dream Rider compares to its rival Trunki then take a look at our Head to Head comparison.

What airlines can you take a Dream Rider on

The Dream Rider measures 21x50x39cm and can be taken on the following airlines and stored in the overhead storage:

  • easyjet
  • TUI Airline
  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic

Please note that weight restrictions still apply and storage space may vary per plane type and layout and this is only a rough guide based on information we have checked on the airlines own webpages.

Second Hand Dream Rider Suitcase

There is an ever growing second hand market for kids luggage and this includes the Samsonite Dream Rider so check out the following to see if you can find a second hand bargain Dream Rider suitcase:


In conclusion, Samsonite have created a strong, attractive and fun ride-on suitecase for kids that will challenge the Trunki range and we reommmend that you give serious consideration to getting a Dream Rider for your little one for your travels this year.

Video of the Samsonite Dream Rider

To help you get a better idea of the size and scale of the Samsonite Dream Rider here is a useful video.

Alternative Ride On Suitcases

If the Dream Rider range isn't ticking all your boxes but you are still interested in a ride on suitcase then check out these other options.

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