Make the most of Business Travel 5th Jan 2016

How often do you land in a fabulous destination on a business trip only to see the inside of the office, airport, hotel and taxis. The truth is business travel is rarely glamorous and despite landing in a great and well known place like New York you will have a packed agenda of meetings and workshops that wlll keep you working long hours and by the time you finish each day all you will want to do is at best sleep but more likely clear your inbox and then sleep. However, try applying some of these tips to getting more out of business travel and not missing out on the opportunity to see somewhere new. But make sure you...

Don't get fired!!!

Never forget you are being paid to be there and do a job, nothing would ruin your trip more than coming home to be fired. Always make sure you are on track to complete your work objectives to the best of your abilities and as tempting as it is to ditch the meetings and go off sight seeing the payback might not be worth it.

Find free time

Review your schedule and find free time such as evenings and opportunities between the end of business and travelling home.

Bring work into travel

Look for opportunities to bring work into the experience e.g. you have a business dinner to attend, take control of organising the event so you can pick the location and restaurant. For example the picture below was taken from a great Italian Food and Wine evening from a hectic conference in Rome.

Rethink the usual

Rethink the usual activities to make the most of them. For instance you may like to visit the hotel gym on a trip but rather than do this go for an early morning run and take in your surrondings, or perhaps visit a new place for breakfast everyday rather than the hotel. You may even find that by not taking breakfast in your hotel saves the company some money.

Tag on a holiday

Tag on some leave either at the end or beginning of a trip. This way you get to see some of the sites completely guilt free and save on airfare at the same time.