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Photos of the Winchester Hat Fair 2016 4th July 2016

A great time was had by all at the Hat Fair 2016 with astronauts, a bath tub car and many other shows and...More

Driving past tractors1st May 2017

Driving in France is great! The well maintained roads, open space and glorious fields stretching for miles. But you do encounter a lot of tractors...More

Mayfest in WinchesterUpdated 18th March 2017

A collection of photos from the Mayfest celebrations in Winchester...More

Christmas in Vienna 5th December 2016

A Christmas collection from Vienna...More

Kangaroos, kangaroos, kangaroos 20th November 2016

A collection of photos of Kangaroos...More

Autumn photos from Hillier Gardens in Hampshire 13th November 2016

A collection of photos from an autumn walk at Hillier...More

Photo of a Robin 4th Sept 2016

While out for a walk I saw this lovely bird who flashed me her bottom and I took...More

Classic Cadbury Adverts 8th Sept 2016

A collection of classic Cadbury chocolate TV adverts...More

Pictures of New York 4th Sept 2016

New York is a great place for some time without the kids with so much to see, do and...More

New Zealand Pictures 17th May 2016

In ten days’ time some close friends of ours will take a very brave step in their life and move permanently with their two young children to New Zealand. While we are very sad to see them go we understand the drivers for their move and when I look back through some of our pictures from travels in New Zealand it is very easy to understand the pull of this beautiful and diverse country...More