The Best S’mores kits in the UK

The best way to enjoy S’mores in the UK is with one of these great S’mores kits.

S’mores kits

They are simple to use and come with all the ingredients you need to make delicious s’mores, including the hard to get hold of Graham Crackers.

What do you get in S’mores kits

In a S’mores kit you will get:

  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers
  • Chocolate

Alternatives to S’mores kits

If you want to try an alternative to a S’mores kit then take a look at how we made S’mores the UK way on a family camping trip.

Another alternative to S’mores kits is to buy all the ingredients individually. However, you will struggle for Graham Crackers and need to go to a specialist provider or Amazon for these. Check out our guide to getting Graham Crackers in the UK.

Vegan S’mores kits

Sorry, but in all our searches we haven’t been able to find any vegan or vegetarian s’mores kit.

If you need a vegan or vegetarian s’mores kit then you will need to get the ingredients separately and source vegan friendly marshmallows and chocolate.

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