Captain America Suitcase

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An example of a Captain America Suitcase

The best selling Captain America Suitcases

  • Cross ribbons, zipped divider and apron pocket allow easy storing
  • Trendy prints
  • Textured surface protects against scratches
  • Spinner 65 (Medium Suitcase: Weekly Travel): 45.5 x 27.5 x 65 cm - 62.5 L - 3.40 kg
  • Bright Marvel Pop Art style prints with shiny finishing
  • Matching colour lining
  • Fixed 3-digit combination lock. The item is set to 0-0-0 at the factory, lock instructions are inside the suitcase
  • Cabin Suitcase 38cm x 55cm x 20cm It has a capacity of 34L and weighs 2.6kg. Made of ABS, a durable and lightweight material.
  • Practical interior with two compartments, on one side a zip pocket and on the other side fastening rubber.
  • Four multidirectional double swivel wheels for comfortable riding, smooth running and effortless manoeuvrability.
  • Side combination closure for safe travel and protect your personal effects.
  • by Joumma Bags
  • Soft suitcase for children with embossed front.
  • 2 wheels for easy movement.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Valid size for hand luggage.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 17 cm (wheels included).

Who is Captain America

Captain America represents the all round Good Guy Super Hero who never gives up and lives by his principles.

Orginally a skinny and underdeveloped solider Steve Rogers volunteered to take an experimental serum created by Abraham Erskine (Professor Reinstein) and was turned into the super solider Captain America and set to work fighting the Nazi’s and Red Skull in WW2.

Then with some time travelling plot twists he ended up leading the Avengers and fighting for the little guy and stand up for what is right no matter who he ended up fighting – including his friends like Iron Man.

How much should you pay for a Captain America Suitcase

Expect to pay between £90 and £120 for a good full size Captain America Suitcase.

Key things to consider when buying a Captain America Suitcase

  • Design: Does it really say Captain America and will you be happy wheeling it through the airport or picking it up off the luggage belt.
  • Weight: Sadly, you and I are not Captain America so we need to consider how heavy the suitcase is.
  • Storage: How much stuff can you get in this Captain America Suitcase.
  • Material: Is it a soft canvas case, or shatter proof hardshell (like Captiain America)
  • Dimensions: How much space will it take up in your home, car, airplane etc.
  • Wheels: 4 or 2. Pros and Cons of each but which do you prefer.

Don’t forget your matching luggage tags

If you are going to splash out and get one of these great Captain America suitcases, then you have to go the whole hog and pair it with a great set of Captain America luggage labels.

Watch Captain America in Action

Enjoy this reminder of Captain America in action from this classic scene in the Winter Soldier.

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