Travelbetter With Dogs

Learn to travel better with dogs.

Travelbetter Dog

Before we dive into tips, tools and guides to help you travel better with dogs let us first introduce you to Buddy, aka Travelbetter Dog.

Traavelbetter Dog Relaxing

Buddy is an energetic and friendly Springer Spaniel who joined the Travelbetter team in December 2022.

Since joining the family he has helped to improve our lives in many ways including:

  • Getting us outside more (especially me – Travelbetter Dad – and taking a break from my desk when working at home).
  • increased the confidence of the kids around dogs and given them a better ability to read dogs and other animals when out and about.
  • Encouraged all of us to be a bit more outgoing as we discovered that majority of dog owners are very friendly and happy to talk while our dogs play.
  • Provided us with smile and loving cuddle when any of us are down.
Travelbetter Dog being fussed by the Travelbetter girls

Having a dog makes travel harder…but not impossible

Now, while Travelbetter Dog has bought all these positive things to the family and we wouldn’t change him for the world it is true that Dogs make travel that little bit harder. A bit like kids! Not impossible but they add another dimension to consider when planning a trip and especially when you take a trip with your dog.

However, just like with kids, we haven’t let having a dog stop us from having many great travel adventures and where we can we have taken him with us. In fact, Buddy, has already joined us on many adventures including hotel stays, camping trips and self-catering holidays.

As per usual, on these trips we have made a note of what’s worked and what hasn’t when travelling with a dog and turned those into tips, guides and tools on this website to help you travel better with your own four legged friend.

We also continue to research and test out everything we can find on travelling with dogs to help us in our own travel and will link you up with the best so you don’t have to spend hours researching.

So, if you are looking for advice on how to Travellbetter with a Dog then read on.

Travelbetter Dog on YouTube

If you prefer to watch then read then be sure to check out Buddy on his YouTube channel to see him enjoying his adventures, having fun, and get our latest travel tips for travelling with a dog.

Here’s a quick video of Buddy the Travelbetter Dog in action.