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Whether it is luggage, clothes, games, tablets or the latest gadgets, having the right travel gear can make your family travel adventures go so much better.

Take a look at our personal product reviews, well researched buying guides and fun gadget posts to find the perfect travel gear for your next trip.

We’ve organised this page into a number of different categories to help with your search and also included a simple A..Z list of all our travel gear guides at the end.

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Key things to consider when buying Travel Gear

In each travel gear guide we cover the key features and specifications to consider before you part with your hard earned money.

Within each of those post there are some common things to always consider and here they are.


Lets start with the obvious thing to consider when buying travel gear. Is it a fair price? What this really means is it a price you are happy and can afford to pay. Is it worth it.


How big is the travel gear item I am buying, is it big enough to store everything I need or is it too big to carry or fit in the car etc. When it comes to Travel Gear size matters.


Does it look good? And what we mean by this is does it look good for you, does it match your style or contain the brand or character you want. You may not think this is important but some travel gear items will be with you for years so you want to make sure you are happy to look at it and comfortable having it on display.

Verified Medium Score Reviews

In a world where it seems so easy to post fake reviews on Amazon and other sites this is a tricky one but I would encourage you to focus checking the verified reviews that are in the range of 3 and 4 star as these tend to be the honest ones and contain the most useful feedback on whether a travel gear product is any good.

Guarantees and warranties

Some travel gear items cost a lot of money and as we’ve said before you will want to last for years of travel so you may want to consider if it has any guarantees or warranties to protect you against failure.

Luggage, Suitcases and Carry ons

Luggage for the whole family

Find the best luggage for you family with these great luggage buying guides and also our quick guide on how to choose the best luggage for your travels.

Travel Gadgets for kids

The best travel gear and gadgets for your kids. All the items featured in these guides are for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

Branded Travel Gear

Sometimes you want to go with a brand, or character, you know and love. Or perhaps your little travellers love. To help in that search and travel better here are our specific branded and character travel gear guides.

Disney Travel Gear

Marvel Travel Gear

Paw Patrol Travel Gear

Samsonite Travel Gear

Paddington Bear Travel Gear

Star Wars Travel Gear

Fortnite Travel Gear

Travel Gear to keep you Safe and Secure

Here are our Travel Gear guides to keep your family safe and secure on your travels.

Travel clothes and fashion

Find the right clothes for your next trip.

Travel Lights and Torches

We recommend you always take a couple of portable lights with you on your travels.

Trunki Travel Gear

Ever since appearing on Dragon’s Den in 2006 Trunki has been a leading brand in Children’s travel and for good reason.

Learn more about Trunki Travel Gear and see if it is right for you in these great guides.

But Trunki has it’s competitors, and one of their biggest has to Samonsite who have their own Trunki alternative. Find out how it compares in our head to head comparison of Trunki vs Dream Rider.

The Travelbetter Shop

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