How to get from Copenhagen to Malmo By Train

Step by step guide on how to get from Copenhagen to Malmo By Train, and useful Malmo visiting tips.

Back during the February half term we took a fantastic trip to Copenhagen, during which we spent the day in Malmo in Sweden and got there using the train from Copenhagen.

This was really easy to do, great fun and added an interesting twist to our city break.

To help you do the same here is an easy to follow step by step guide to travelling from Copenhagen to Malmo by Train.

Copenhagen to Malmo by Train – A step by step guide

Copenhagen to Malmo by Train Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Check the train times and days

Select the stations, day and time.

Log on to the Danish Train Journey Planner (rejseplanen) and enter Copenhagen in the from box and then select the day you want to travel and ideal departure time.

If you are wondering Københavns H means Københavns Hovedbanegård, or Copenhagen Central Station.

Click on Find Journey.

You will now be presented with the trains from Copenhagen to Malmo leaving on or near your selected departure time.

Your train options from Copenhagen to Malmo

Step 2 – Find the journey time that you like

As you read across the options from left to right the columns are departure time from Copenhagen, arrival time in Malmo, journey time and number of changes.

Review the options and on the one you like best click details and you will be presented with the following.

The details of your train journey from Copenhagen to Malmo

Here you can see the route number, departure platform and final destination of the train which you can use to find your train on the day.

Just like in the UK you need to be aware of the trains final destination when looking for the platform etc.

For example, if you are looking to go from Waterloo to Winchester you look for the platform for the train to Bournemouth.

Once you can see the details take a screen shot or make a note of them somewhere.

Now, you could opt to buy your tickets on this website but we don’t recommend it.

Instead, we recommend buying your tickets on the day in the ticket office in the station where they can advise you on the best ticket.

Buying on the day also allows you some flexibility should you decide you want to go at a different time or day.

Step 3 – Pack and prep for your trips

The next step in taking the train from Copenhagen to Malmo is to prep and pack a day sack or two for the trip with the following items.

Food and drink

Just back a good water bottle each and some tasty Danish snacks from the supermarket.

Travel Games and Books

If you can tear yourself away from the fascinating view out of the window or have little ones to entertain then it is a good idea to pack some games, reading material and art supplies for the train journey.

You don’t need a lot, just a few things to play with.

Here are some great examples of what you could take.

Good walking shoes

Malmo is best explored on foot so take some good walking shoes with you for your trip.

Step 4 – Go to the station and buy your tickets

Go to Copenhagen Central Station and buy your tickets at the ticket office. To help you find your way we have embedded some maps from Google.

Critical tip

Please have a look before the day so you can see the journey time to the station from your accommodation and then factor that into your leaving time to make sure you get the train you are aiming for.

Here is a map on how to get to Copenhagen Central Station

This is a picture and map of the outside of Copenhagen Central Station so you know the building you are looking for.

To help you find Copenhagen Central Station here and picture of what it looks like.

Step 5 – Enjoy the train ride

The next step is hopefully an easy one.

Board your train, find a free seat and enjoy the journey to Malmo.

Step 6 – Leave Malmo Station

Once you have arrived in Malmo and disembarked the train then head to the main exit onto Central Plan and turn right.

Then turn left onto Skeppsbron and head over the river and into the town of Malmo and it’s attractions.

Critical tip

when purchasing you tickets confirm with the ticket agent when the last train back to Copenhagen from Malmo is and that you have a flexible ticket so you don’t have to get one specific train and risk missing it.

Copenhagen to Malmo by Train – How much does it cost

It cost us around £100 for a return ticket, for a family of five, from Copenhagen to Malmo.

Copenhagen to Malmo by Train – How long does it take

The train journey from Copenhagen to Malmo takes about 40 mins and there are five stops in between Copenhagen and Malmo Central.

The distance from Copenhagen to Malmo is approximately 30km or 18.5 miles.

What type of trains run from Copenhagen to Malmo

One of the fun things about the train journey from Copenhagen to Malmo is that you get to go on one of the large Double Decker trains they have in Europe.

What times do the trains run

What is the earliest train to Malmo from Copenhagen

The earliest train to Malmo from Copenhagen departs around 5:30am.

What is the latest train from Malmo to Copenhagen

The latest train from Malmo to Copenhagen is after midnight but we recommend you get an earlier one back e.g. 7pm just in case there are any problems and you need to find a taxi or bus.

Copenhagen to Malmo Bridge

The Øresund Bridge – by Amjad Sheikh

One interesting and fun aspect of the train trip from Copenhagen to Malmo is that you cross the The Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark to Sweden across the sea.

The Øresund Bridge opened in 2000 and is approximately16km long making it the longest combined motorway and train bridge in Europe.

However, one of its most unique features is the artificial island called Peberholm which connects the bridge to the tunnel for the final stages of the crossing.

Further information of the Øresund Bridge and Peberholm island.

Do you need to show your passports when travelling from Copenhagen to Malmo by Train

We took our passports on the train trip from Copenhagen to Malmo but nobody checked them.

However, I would recommend you take them just in case they are checked or you run into any problems in Sweden.

Copenhagen to Malmo by Train – What to do in Malmo

If you are wondering if Malmo is worth a visit then it is and here are just some ideas of what to do in Malmo for the day.

  • Wonder the streets and take in the architecture, waterways and fun green spaces
  • Visit the museum of disgusting food
  • Marvel at the difference between Copenhagen and Malmo despite only being 40 minutes apart
  • Grab a meal of traditional Swedish meatballs
  • Enjoy the quirky shops
  • Cross the Davidshallsbron Bridge and count the shoes

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