Review and video of the excellent Luge Ride at Clecy in Normandy

Mum and daughter riding the luge in Clecy, Normandy

Our review, onboard video and guide to the Luge Ride at Clecy in Normandy.

We’ve been to Clecy a few times now and each time we visit there always seems to be a ton of stuff to do as a family and this Luge ride has been top of our list. During the summer of 2016 the Travelbetter team gave it a try. Including the Travelbetter Grandparents.

The ride takes about 5 minutes in total with 3.5 minutes climbing the hill and then 90 seconds of speedy fun coming back down. As you come down you have a handbrake to slow your descent should you wish as you whizz from side to side and through the tunnel.

Can kids ride the Luge in Clecy?

Riding the Luge
Riding the Luge

Yes, kids can ride the Clecy Luge but if they want to go on their own they need to be over 13. However, if they are under this they can ride with an adult as long as there combined weight is under 130kg and they meet the minimum height requirements. As you can see Travelbetter Boy gave it a go with his Grandad.

Our Video of the Luge Ride at Clecy

To get an idea of this fun ride then check out my point of view GoPro video. Don’t worry, I skip past the majority of the climb and get quickly to the fun descent.

How to get to the Luge ride at Clecy

The Clecy Luge ride can be found outside the town of Clecy by all the river fun. If you drive past all the restaurant and kayaks you then find the Luge ride up a small hill before you leave Clecy.

There is plenty of grass parking at the site and there is also a cafe for snacks and drinks (including Crepes) with a bouncy castle for the kids. Be warned however that while there is a clear sign saying under 8’s for the bouncy castle people ignore it and big kids will bounce around so keep an eye on the little ones.

Clecy is a town in Suisse Normandy and can be found on your Sat Nav or take a look at the map below.

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More info on the Luge Ride at Clecy

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