The best Head Torches for Kids

An example of a one button, 3 mode, head torch for kids.

Head Torches for Kids. Find the perfect head torch for your kids in our comprehensive buying guide. These kids head torches are perfect for your little adventurer but don’t worry, they aren’t toys, they are proper head torches for kids.

Best Selling Head Torches for Kids

Before you dive into more detail on how to find the best kids head torch take a look at the current best selling head torches for kids.

Key features to consider when buying a kids head torch

Here are the key features and more to consider before buying a head torch for kids.

This guide for the best head torches for kids is aimed at children under 12 years old. If you child is old then we would advise that an adult head torch will be fine.


We would recommend you pay between £10 and £20 for a good kids head torch. While you could pay more you need to consider how long it will last as it will be handled by kids but they may also out grow a head torch pretty quickly.


Not essential but it can be useful to get a kids head torch that offers some degree of water resistance.

Size and Weight

As this head torch is for kids you don’t want one that is too heavy or bulky for them to hold on there heads.


Lumens essentially means how bright the torch will be. The higher the number the brighter the head torch.

Modes and ease of use

You want a headtorch that is easy to use, ideally one button operation for turn on/off, but also has a view modes to keep the little ones entertained at times.

Batteries, Rechargeable or both

Give some thought as to whether you want a head torch that is battery powered or not. Often a battery powered device the charge will last longer than a rechargeable unit but this won’t be a problem if you only need the head torch for a few days or have a powerbank that you can plug it into.

Ideally, find one that can do both but this will be a more expensive model.

Animal kids head torch

You may find your little will really like a head torch with more character and fun like these these animal themed head torches including Dinosaur head torches.

Sets of heads torches for kids

To avoid any sibling rivalry and arguments you may want to buy a set of identical kids head torches. This may also work out at a cheaper price per head torch.

Here are some good sets of head torches for you to consider.

Summary and our top pick for head torches for kids

As you can see, there is a huge range of good price options for finding the perfect head torch for your children. These head torches can be used for camping, travel, walks in the dark and so much more.

Our top pick for a head torch for kids is that simple three pack of head torches. This set comes at a good price, has a simple one button control. multiple modes and has a brightness of 120 lumens.

Highlighted Features
  • 【COB LED Headlamp】Advanced technology COB torch is much brighter than regular LED torches and consumes less energy. Ideal head torch for running, hunting, cycling, camping, fishing or repairing car.
  • 【Super Bright】120 lumens head Torches could light your way up to 98.42ft/30m. The head torch for camping powered of 3 AAA batteries (battery not included), low power consumption and saft, very convenient to carry.
  • 【Lightweight & Adjustable】The headlight is only 0.18lbs weight, let you feeling no pressure on head wearing. With the soft and adjustable strap, both fit kids and adults.
  • 【60 Degree Adjustable】60° adjustable head Torch base allows you focus light on where you need it. High/Low/Flashing - 3 lighting mode ensure you get the exact level of brightness you need for any use through single button control, especially flashing mode (S.O.S) for Emergencies.
  • 【Ideal Head Torch for Safety】Hands free headlamp is ideal for adults & kids -can use it for night reading, dog walking, night fishing, hunting, jogging, cycling, camping, hiking, caving, DIY, night repair or even In an emergency at home or work!

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