Fish and Chips and Camping

In this post I’ll explain why you should enjoy Fish and Chips while Camping.

It doesn’t always have to be sausages and bacon when Camping, you can also enjoy your favourite takeaway.

With only 24 hours of camping planned we really didn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking and washing up, so…

A tasty alternative to the usual Camping food

Fish and Chips while Camping
Enjoying Fish and Chips on a Camping trip

Travelbetter Boy and I wanted our camping trip to be easy, after all we only really had one afternoon and one morning to enjoy the outdoors.

So, when it came to dinner we abandoned the usual camping food and instead opted for a visit to the local chip shop for our dinner.

The chips were perfectly crispy and had a generous helping of salt and vinegar. They were delicious, and it was great to sit together enjoying our food while the sun started setting. We barely spoke a word while we ate but this was because we were both so content.

While it can be great to have BBQs and the usual camping food choices it was nice to keep it simple and save some time for play and adventure.

Plus, as everyone knows fish and chips taste so much better outside in the fresh air.

In fact, I enjoyed fish and chips and camping so much I have added it and some more tips to our Camping Food Hacks article.

Takeaway as a camping options

As you can see, grabbing a takeaway for dinner when camping is fun, tasty and gives you more playtime so give it a go on your next camping trip.

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