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At Travelbetter we absolutely love a good cup of coffee.

In fact, many an adventure has been planned over and fuelled on a coffee or three.

Now, while coffee can fuel your travels it can also inspire them and be part of many foodie travel adventures.

For example, way back in 2007 and a long time before they became a staple of the British high street we were introduced and enjoyed our first Flat White Coffee at the café of the Manly Bay ferry terminal in Sydney Harbour.

We marvelled at this flavour packed adaption of a traditional latte and continued to enjoy many more as we travelled around Australia and found ourselves recreating this drink when we returned to the UK.

So, to help you add some enjoyable coffee adventures to your travels and recreate that black bean magic when you return home we’ve created a number of useful travel and food posts and videos centred around coffee.

Camping and Coffee

Just because you are sleeping under canvas it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on good coffee and these posts show you how.

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What is…

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