Coffee by the lake

You know the problem with family camping? It can take forever to get your morning cup of coffee as you have to wait an age for the kettle to boil on your trusty camping stove.

Well, you no longer need to wait as we’ve found a great and easy solution to have delicious tasting coffee as soon as you wake up on your camping trip. So, watch and read on to find out how to enjoy fresh hot coffee when camping as soon as you wake up.

An instant fresh coffee when Camping

The key solution to this problem is to be able to boil the water the night before and then keep it hot enough to make a decent cup of coffee or two in the morning.

So, how do you do this? Well, the answer is to get yourself a solid, top of the range, thermos flask. Not a simple glass based thermos but a double walled vacuum thermos that can keep water hot for up to 32 hours and we can confirm they really do this.

We first discovered this trick when staying at a Feather Down Farm, we were in a lovely Safari tent and were searching for ways to make coffee quickly in the morning rather than wait for the fire to get going and then boil the water. So, we invested in a double walled thermos and it worked brilliantly.

Which coffee should you use for this Solution

If you are wondering what the best choice of coffee is to use for this solution then the answer is whatever you like. The key is the hot water and you can then use this on instant coffee, in a cafetiere if you have space for one or coffee bags.

Our preference is to use coffee bags as they provide the great taste of ground coffee while containing all the mess.

The equipment you need

Here is all the equipment you need to put this solution into practice and enjoy fresh hot coffee as soon as you wake up when camping.

  • Camping stove
  • Camping kettle
  • Double walled thermos flask
  • Coffee
  • Camping Mug

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